Ed Sheeran deletes Twitter account, finds it negative

Ed Sheeran deleted his Twitter account as he finds it negative.

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran Facebook

Singer Ed Sheeran, considers Twitter to be harmful for any sane man and says that his life improved "massively" after he deleted his account on Twitter. He finds the micro-blogging site negative.

Sheeran celebrated the second anniversary of him "ditching his phone" over Instagram on Wednesday.

He deleted his Twitter account when he grew sick of the trolls about him or his music.

"All the things that get blown up on Twitter are all so, so, so negative. Nothing's being celebrated. On Instagram it's like, 'Yay this' whereas Twitter is like, 'No, f*** this'," Sheeran told thesun.co.uk.

He said his life has improved "massively" in the last two years.

"Hearing people's opinions -- especially people I've never met -- on my character forms a sort of paranoia in you. So now not reading it gives my head a bit more of a break," Sheeran said.

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"I think to be a creative human being, you have to be a little bit f*****g weird anyway -- like a little bit on the edge of madness. And when you have someone that's on the spectrum and you basically hurl loads of insults at them, it's going to tip them over the edge at some point," he added.