eCommerce Entrepreneur Mouad Izegnane on Trusting Your Intuition and Making a Global Difference

Mouad Izegnane

Why following your gut is so important and how you can make any situation work for you if you have the right goals and mission in mind

Mouad always knew that he was going to leverage technology and business to make a difference in the world. After studying computer engineering for a few years, he was determined to make that dream a reality. However, he might not have seen the long-lasting impact he was going to have on such a large community.

In speaking of his success and his overall journey, Mouad encourages aspirational entrepreneurs to take risks and put themselves out there. Regardless of what industry you might be a part of, if you're hoping to succeed at something on your own, the entrepreneurial essentials are the same. You need to leave your fear of failure at the door and prepare to face whatever challenges might present themselves.

Seeking a new path in the Philippines

Back in 2019, Mouad decided it was the right time to expand his existing eCommerce businesses. The Philippines was of particular interest because of the market opportunities it presented. However, it wouldn't be smooth sailing right out of the gate.

Once he got everything set up at his fulfillment center in the Philippines, Mouad ran into several challenges. First, he noticed that the orders coming from the Philippines had a high cancellation rate. In addition to that, remittances from couriers also took way too long. This is because the main payment method in the Philippines is cash on delivery. It became so inefficient that it affected his company's cash flow.

During this experience, it became clear that there was a ton of room for improvement when it came to fulfillment operations and Mouad decided he would take it upon himself to streamline the whole process.

Improvements to the eCommerce industry leads to new business

It was evident to Mouad that he had the expertise and knowledge to provide exceptional solutions to online merchants and brand owners, and he was doing well at that. However, he would never see the full fruit of his labors while the system was still lacking in fulfillment, orders, and inventory management.

After taking plenty of time to carefully evaluate each step of the fulfillment process, Mouad created his own invaluable system that streamlines the whole operation. With this in mind, Nirvasian Fulfillment was born, and Mouad was ready to shake up the world of logistics.

From sourcing and importing products to collecting COD payments, order fulfillment, Shipping, returns, and inventory management, Nirvasian is the ultimate service provider for any eCommerce business. With a qualified team of experts behind him, Mouad makes it his mission to provide innovative solutions for all his clients, ensuring the same high-quality services he would put his own name on.

Making a difference

Today, Nirvasian operates order fulfillment services out of the Philippines but serves entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world. For a truly seamless experience, business owners can integrate their online stores with Nirvasian's platform for unparalleled orders and inventory management.