Eaton County Sheriff's Office Averts Tragedy on Memorial Day by Arresting Wrong Way Driver

A Statement Issued by The Sheriff's Office on Tuesday Morning on Facebook Confirmed the Arrest

Deputies at the Eaton County sheriff's office averted a possible deadly outcome on Monday night in Windsor Township along the I-69 when a driver drove the wrong way. According to the sheriff's office, the woman who was said to impaired was arrested for driving in the manner.

A statement issued by the sheriff's office on Tuesday morning on Facebook confirmed the arrest. "As we know, the consequences to wrong-way drivers can be deadly," said the statement highlighting the danger of the violation.

Northbound on a Southbound Lane

Representational Picture Wikimedia Commons

The incident occurred at around 9:30 PM on Monday night, which also happened to be Memorial Day. Calls began pouring in at the Eaton County Dispatch about a driver moving northbound in the southbound lanes of I-69 close to Lansing Road in Windsor Township.

Fortunately, an Eaton County Deputy was present in the area, which helped in putting an end to the suspect's wrong way 'adventure'. "We are very glad Deputy Teague was able to intervene so quickly before this suspect caused a crash," the statement said.

Impaired and Assumed to be on a Different Road

When the deputies arrested her, the driver was 'said to be in an impaired state. It was also found that she was under the assumption that she was driving on the US 131. "The driver appeared to be impaired and believed she was on US 131," the statement confirmed. Currently, while under arrest, the suspect is being held at the Eaton County Jail.

County Folk Thankful

Following the release of the statement by the Eaton County sheriff's office, several users responded with comments commending the swift action of the deputies. "Great work! Could have turned tragic quick," said one of the comments.

Thanking the deputies for their efforts, another comment read, "Thank God they stopped her. We were coming that way just as they were cuffing her. Could have hit is!" Another user was simply glad that nothing untoward transpired due to the late-night fiasco. They wrote: "Holy Cow! It's amazing somebody wasn't killed!"