Easing of lockdowns may hit another wall of coronavirus peak in some countries

Many countries are planning for easing restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This is a brief look at the global scenario

The thinking of easing lockdowns in various countries has met with a wall of new coronavirus infection peaks on Sunday. India saw a biggest single-day increase in cases reporting more than 2,600 COVID-19 cases, while Russia's new cases crossed more than 10,000, its highest single day rise. Death toll of Britain came in par with Italy.

Needless to say of the US where there are tens of thousands of coronavirus infections per day. A potential second COVID-19 wave is warned of, if there is no expansion of testing while the lockdown is switched off. Businesses are hit globally while the economy is falling into its deepest slump creating huge unemployment, since the great depression after the pandemic hit.

Europe scenario

In China, tourism has restarted after domestic travel restrictions got loose. Almost 1.7 million people reportedly visited Beijing parks only in the first two days of the five day holiday. In many places there is a limit capped for daily visitors to 30 percent of its capacity.

Parks and public gardens in Italy reopened today as its restrictions loosened after the country's Health Ministry reported 174 COVID-19 deaths, a lowest after the peak. Spain, witnessed people coming outside for the first time after its lockdown on March 14. Wearing facemask is mandatory starting today on public transit.

US covid19
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Britain has not yet revealed a plan to lift the lockdown, while restrictions end on Thursday. However, there are reported daily deaths in hundreds. Meanwhile, Afghanistan's capital Kabul, where 500 people were selected in random to test for novel coronavirus, almost one third showed up positive.

Protest concerns

In a statement White House coronavirus coordinator Deborah Birx spoke of the protesters demanding to end restrictions said that as they were mostly without masks may end up infecting elders in their families and later feel guilty about it for a lifetime.

coronavirus face mask
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In Mexico City, officials are expecting a peak in infections by next week; while workers are set to turn Hernandez Rodriguez Formula 1 racecourse into a makeshift hospital to treat COVID-19 patients.

Until now, novel coronavirus has infected more than 3.58 million and killed more than 248,500 globally, according to Worldometers. More than 1.16 million have recovered so far.

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