Earth's most advanced species, humans are main culprit behind climate change; Can we rectify ourselves?

climate change

After all the speculations, research and denial about the reason behind the changing climate now a group of researchers claimed to have a proof that showed the most intelligent and advanced creation of this world, humans are causing the change in the seasonal temperature cycles.

The recent study, which was published on Thursday, July 19 in the journal Science, has suggested that as the temperature is rising continuously, the summers are getting warmer rapidly compared to other seasons, especially in Northern Hemisphere.

The researchers also stated that the dramatic climate change is not natural. The reason behind the warmer summers is the rise of greenhouse gas, as the humans are burning the natural fuels such as coal, oil and gas continuously in a massive quantity and these flammable materials are making greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and releasing methane into earth's atmosphere.

Due to such greenhouse gas effects, created by humans while the summers are getting warmer, the winters have also become stronger and intolerable in many places. As told by the scientists, it is the first time when the "satellite data and the anthropogenic 'fingerprint' predicted by climate models to show the extent of the effects and discuss how these changes have been caused."

They used the almost 40 years of satellite temperature data, between 1979 and 2016, to unveil the tragic facts.

The lead author of the study, Benjamin Santer, who is also known as the climate scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said that their finding showed it is the most powerful evidence that claimed humans are responsible for this climate change. Later, Santer told Nature Magazine that "In the biological world, lots of people have been looking for and finding these changes, so we decided to take a look at the satellite data. What we see is profound evidence of the human impact on climate, not only in the annual temperatures but also in the seasonal cycle."

An atmospheric scientist at Texas A&M University, Andrew Dessler also stated that even though the results of this research, which showed that that humans are altering the climate, has provided more solid evidence, "I don't think this solves a major problem in atmospheric sciences, nor does it change anything that I think about the climate system."

Despite the fact that US faced the horrific cold storm, named as "Bomb cyclone" during the last winter, the US navy don't feel that there are any new challenges regarding the changing climate, but the Defence minister of New Zealand Ron Mark said that, "Not only will the impacts of climate change contribute to instability and insecurity around the world, climate change will increase the demands on the New Zealand Defence Force to respond to natural disasters here at home and in the Pacific."

As reported by, at the time of world's largest international maritime training exercise, commonly known as Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC), the New Zealand's captain Blair Gerritson witnessed an increasing demand for the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), to assist in the ocean and at the home due to the climate change effects.

"There's always been storms and natural disasters throughout the history of our earth so it's something we need to monitor, and track, and something we need to be very conscious about how we don't negatively impact the environment," said USS Bonhomme Richard commanding officer Captain Mac McCullen, whose ship was also participated in the same exercise.