An earthquake of 4.2 magnitude hit around a mile north of the Los Angeles community of Pacoima on Thursday, the US Geological Survey mentioned. According to the latest reports, there was no damage.

Though the relatively small in magnitude, the earthquake that struck at 4.29 am was felt in mist of the Los Angeles area, social media reports confirmed. A second quake of 3.3 magnitude hit nine minutes later, the survey mentioned.

Earthquake in Los Angeles

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People on social media reported feeling the quake in areas such as North Hollywood and Sherman Oaks, with some saying they did not receive a #ShakeAlert message on their phones.

"Felt it in Sherman Oaks! Woke us up from a dead sleep. No alert on the phone, though," Twitter user Joe Hubbard said. Another Twitter user, Lee A Houck, said she received an alert after the shaking began. "Usually there's more notice to drop, cover, hold on," Houck said.

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