Earthquake of 6.9 magnitude hits southern Philippines island of Mindanao

There are low chances of casualties and injuries

Powerful earthquake of 6.9 magnitude struck the island of Mindanao on December 15, Sunday. According to the preliminary assessment made by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), there was no threat of a tsunami. The epicentre of the quake was 61 km from the city of Davao and reported to be two miles from Guihing, three miles from Padada and five miles from Digos. The depth was measured at 28.2 km.

According to reports, there are low chances of casualties and injuries. People have taken to social media to talk about the earthquake that struck the Philippines on Sunday. There was no immediate report of any casualties after the quake. The region was previously shaken by earthquake in October and November. The previous quake had killed five people.

Representational Image of an earthquake
Representational Image of an earthquake Reuters

Pacific's Ring of Fire

The country is situated in the Ring of Fire which is located in the Pacific. This region experiences active tremors from time to time. There has been no report on any quake with more than the magnitude of 3. The initial reports said that the magnitude was 6.8 which was later revised to 6.9.

Earthquake of such magnitude can damage the buildings. Various video footage showed the aftermath of the earthquake with centres opening to help the affected regions.

Further details regarding the casualties and damage is awaited.