Earth to face biggest earthquake of all time as mega asteroid is on its collision course

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The fate of planet earth does not seem that bright, as an asteroid seemingly the size of three football fields is in its collision course towards the blue planet. If the massive cosmic entity, named 99942 Apophis, hits earth in its full fury, it will trigger the biggest earthquake ever recorded in human history.

Experts initially believe that the giant asteroid will likely make an impact on earth on April 13, 2029. Since its discovery in 2004, astronomers in NASA and the ESA are closely monitoring its trajectory.

When it was first discovered, scientists speculated that the chances of its collision with earth were 2.7 percent. It was NASA scientist Steven Chesley who first predicted that Apophis will make an impact on earth on April 13.

However, further analysis on the asteroid's trajectory revealed that the chances of the asteroid hitting the earth on April 13, 2029, has been reduced, but experts made it clear that Apophis will make a fly-by at about 19,400 miles above the Earth surface. But, the threat would not end there, as the asteroid is expected to make a possible impact seven years later on April 13, 2036.

Luckily, the chance of an asteroid impact on April 13, 2036, is about four in a million. But, it should be noted that even a small change in its trajectory could increase the possibility of an impact and if it happens the extent of devastation will be too high.

Experts believe that asteroids like Apophis can be expected to hit planet earth at least once in every 80,000 years.

Meanwhile, a section of conspiracy theorists is strongly claiming that apocalypse is imminent, and it will happen in the next three or four months. As per these theorists, Nibiru, the alleged killer planet has already entered our solar system and it is currently hurtling towards earth. YouTube is now loaded with thousands of videos showing the second sun on the skies and conspiracy theorists believe that the second celestial body is actually Nibiru, the alleged killer star system.

However, NASA has classified Nibiru as an Internet hoax and the space agency has made it clear that Nibiru could be easily visible with the naked eye if it is real.

This article was first published on July 13, 2018
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