Electronic Arts has confirmed anew that the popular Ultimate Team mode is coming along with the FIFA 18 version due for release on Nintendo Switch. EA Sports FIFA is the official title to be released on the Switch console very soon.

EA Sports FIFA is bringing the Ultimate Team on Nintendo Switch. The game launches on Nintendo Switch on 29 September. Ultimate Team is just one of the modes that EA will be showcasing with EA Sports FIFA. It might be the most popular mode in the soccer series for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. With the release of EA Sports FIFA, the instalment is expected the performance of FIFA 17 which was the top-selling console title in 2016.

EA Romania's Andrei Lăzărescu stresses out what EA Sports FIFA can do on Switch. "FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is the best FIFA you can take with you anywhere, play anytime and with anyone," says he. "We're delivering the immersive and authentic experience that fans expect from FIFA while leveraging innovative ways to play both at home and on the go with Nintendo Switch".

In the meantime, EA will also provide support to all controls available on Nintendo Switch. This means EA Sports FIFA is playable with a single Joy-Con controller, two Joy-con controllers, and the Pro controller. May it be handheld, seated on the TV dock, or turned in tabletop mode—the game works on Switch pretty much anything.

Apart from the controls and the Ultimate Team mode, the forthcoming title also brings in the standard Career Mode, Women's International Cup, Kick Off, Online and Offline Seasons, and Local Seasons, among others. The latter allows users to play the game across two Switch consoles.