E-Sports and Social media are a winning combination to make your unique place for the long term, says Emreezy


E-Sports have been there for the last many decades, over the period they have become more hi-tech and adventurous. People across the age play and follow them religiously. They have given many e-gamers the status of celebrities. There is a big number of E-Gamers who have become the heartthrob of youths and kids, Emreezy is one of them. He is a successful e-gamer and a popular social media influencer who has worked consistently over the years to take his place in thriving social media platforms.

Emre Ucar, fondly known as Emreezy was born on 12th September 1999 in Germany to Turkish parents. Being from today's generation technology and social media runs in his veins. His proficiency in gaming is beyond imagination that is why he has won numerous accolades on this domain at a very young age. He is also a big-time social media enthusiast, at the age of 14 he created a Facebook community related to e-gaming which had thousands of followers then he turned to other social media platforms.

Success on Facebook helped him gain initial followers on other social media platforms, especially Instagram. But he had to put his blood and sweat to achieve success. He says "Though E-sports and social media is a winning combination, you really have to bring in out-of-the-box content to get recognition. Almost everyone is on social media today and everyone wants to name and fame too, so to make your place between such a huge crowd of millions one needs to be extraordinary every single day"

Emreezy attributes his success to his hard work and his skills. He says " I am good, but cannot take it for granted, technology is so dynamic that if you are not up-to-date with it, success will be far-off. For people like us, it is a double-edged sword, we have to keep up with recent developments in e-sports, technology, and social media as well. Both the fields are dynamic and fast-paced. But if you want success, you don't have options other than to work really hard."

Emreezy makes sure to provide supreme quality content loaded with many tips and tricks which has earned him thousands of followers. He says I am at the beginning of my career as a social media influencer, I want to associate myself with only trusted brands as the people who follow me have shown their trust in me and I believe in keeping that constant as that is what going to take me a long way."He sums up