The e-commerce industry has vast potential says digipreneur and self made millionaire - Ronnie Teja

Ronnie Teja

The present scenario where the majority of the world's businesses are transitioning towards the digital sphere leaves no chance for us to think that there's less potential in it. The e-commerce boom has already proved that, resulting in many businesses adopting an online shop model to boost their sales figures. Ronnie Teja has always been positive towards the growth of the digital industry, the reason he was one of the few who adapted to this growing technology of the future long back.

Having sensed that the digital industry was here to grow and boost businesses standing to the next level, I stepped in at an early stage, floating e-commerce projects which were thought to be risky by many at that time," explains Teja who has today built multiple online entities, all of which are successful to the core. Always believing in entering into unknown territories and conquering them with confidence made him a master around this space which he has been a part of right from its nascent stages.

The incredible knowledge that he has accumulated all these years is now spread through events where he imparts his vast know-how to those who want to make their mark around the e-commerce sphere which is growing at an exponential rate. His teachings have helped many failing businesses resurrect back to normalcy, even becoming profitable in many cases within no time. He has always believed in leaning upon technological advancements that have been introduced from time to time to gain a strong foothold over the industries one works in.

In his case, it has been e-commerce which has shown promise, the reason he molded himself soon into its shape to reap in the benefits. Today, people are realizing the importance of going digital, especially showcasing their work in front of a wide audience vis a vis the digital medium, and one of the major reasons of making them understand its workings are the teachings imparted by knowledgeable individuals like Teja who own multiple e-commerce businesses, each belonging to a different industry. The sessions that he holds helps the attendees gain deep knowledge about the e-commerce industry,. helping them grow step by step.

Teja owns Branzio Watches, an online watch company which specialises in producing watches that are largely inspired by classic designs, buy at the same time have a modern approach. The brand has been scaling extensively gaining major prominence around its space under the watchful eyes of this serial digipreneur who has many other digital businesses in tow. "Ruling the e-commerce space at present is indeed commendable but there's a lot that has gone into its success," says Teja who has gone through the roughest of patches during the initial phases of his entrepreneurial career. It's a part and parcel of anyone's journey while trying to build a successful foundation that culminates into a growing business.

Pushing the entities by working hard, going through the turmoil for years, Teja has today laid a successful foundation for his distinct businesses, all of which are thriving at a fast pace. He has more than 30 employees remotely working under him from across the globe. He relies a lot on the power of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), which has helped him take charge of his businesses profit numbers, and maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. He is one fine example of someone who capitalized the growth of e-commerce, making a fortune out of it. Today, he stands amongst the world's self made millionaires who have achieved the best on their own.

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