Freezing those who are already dead is not unusual but freezing a living being before his death is a new practice that the Russian cryonics firm KrioRus is proposing to provide in Swiss bunkers bereft of legal hurdles faced elsewhere.

The idea is to provide succour to those from around the world facing fatal disease to come and get frozen to be woken up when the disease is cured.

KrioRus claims to be the first company outside the US that offers cryonics services, including cryoconservation and storage, already preserving over 50 human patients and 20 animals.

These patients are preserved in liquid nitrogen in anticipation of the future technology for their revival and scores of clients have concluded contracts with KrioRus so far including a famous cryobiologist Yury Igorevich Pichugin in April 2012, said the company on its website.

Founded in 2005, KrioRus is a project of the Russian Transhumanist Movement — a non-governmental organization engaged in probing advanced technological development. It claims several experts are part of its panel, including those now working at the laboratories in the US and Switzerland, leading nanotechnologists, as well as experts in tissue culture, growing organs and in other aspects of regenerative medicine.

From 2006 the company started offering cryoconservation of humans and animals in Russia. In August 2017, the company even concluded an agreement with the "Space Technologies" Consortium to offer its clientst an option for storing the brain, head or the entire body of cryonics patients in near-earth orbit as cryopreservation is legally barred everywhere except in Switzerland.

They have so far preserved people who have been declared legally dead at a cost of $36,000 for the whole body and $12,000 for the head. Soon, they intend to offer cryoconservation of those about to die. Who knows, science may one day revive them to life again, they vouch.