Dying father gets surgery after his T-shirt saying 'In Need of Kidney' goes viral

Picture for representation Pixabay

Sometimes thinking out of the box can not only help to overcome a problem but also it can save a life. Exactly this happened when a father of five managed to get a life-saving surgery after his T-shirt saying "In Need of Kidney" went viral.

The 60-year-old patient Robert Leibowitz said that he got the idea of this T-shirt after speculating the long waiting list for a new kidney and wore it throughout his summer vacation last year. The shirt also had the blood group and the contact number mentioned.

Leibowitz's kidney was failing fast and was functioning at just 5 percent.

The picture of the T-shirt went viral after a couple posted their snapshot on Facebook and calls, voicemails and messages started pouring in from random people wanting to help Leibowitz. The post garnered 32,000 shares by the end of the day and 90,000 by the end of the week.

Leibowitz was overwhelmed by the response and said this incident restored his faith in humanity.

Doctors, from the donor pool, found a perfect match from Indiana, Richie Sully and Leibowitz joke that "It was a match made in heaven."

Richie Sully, on the other hand, said that his decision to donate his kidney to a stranger was a "no-brainer."

He told Leibowitz that he "has an extra kidney" and he is welcome to it. "I'm not crazy, but I'm from Indiana," is what Sully ended his message with.