Is dwarf boy Quaden Bayles 18-year-old or just 9? Internet is divided and debate continues

The internet is flooded with questions about Quade Bayles, the Murri boy from Australia who was born with achondroplasia dwarfism

If anyone is familiar with the 2009 thriller Orphan, they know that it was just a story. But people are rushing to correlate dwarfism depicted in the movie with several other cases of dwarfism in real life.

The movie Orphan follows a 33-year-old woman with hypopituitarism who disguises herself as a young child so that she is adopted by a family. The adoption is followed by several events that point out that she is a woman and the family was in trouble. The current case of a young boy with dwarfism is trending on Twitter with people rushing to prove that he is, in fact, an 18-year-old posing as a 9-year-old.

The internet can be a beautiful place where people are supportive and understanding, but sometimes the support goes to the wrong person and everyone feels scammed. This has made people question everything that is being posted on the internet. Unfortunately, this has also led to people having mixed thoughts about the Quaden Bayles, the young boy from Australia who is allegedly going through bullying in his school because of dwarfism.

A heartbreaking video showed Quaden crying and saying that he wants to kill himself because of the bullying. So the internet did its job and made it go viral, and now the internet sea has split.

Quaden Bayles

What does the Internet say?

Quaden recently received a GoFundMe page donation to go to Disney land after several Hollywood and other stars came forward supporting the young boy and asking him not to worry. Brad Williams, the comedian set up a GoFundMe page for the young boy to bring him to the US for a vacation.

But several believe that this is a scam set up by the Bayles to make money. People went into Quaden's Instagram handle. According to the Twitterati, it showed Quade celebrating his 18th birthday and had pictures of him wearing expensive clothes.

People are continuously arguing on various platforms that Bayles is lying about his age. According to the investigative work done by several people on the internet, they believe that the videos posted by Quaden on his Instagram handle looked like those of an adult. The Instagram account @quadosss that had the videos has since disappeared from the internet.

Let's talk evidence

Quade Bayles is said to have been born with achondroplasia dwarfism. He was diagnosed with it just days after he was born. Quade's mother Yarraka is his supporting pillar. Under her son's name, the mother has worked towards creating awareness about dwarfism.

There have been three videos where the boy was in front of the camera before this incident. One was associated with his first case of bullying and unwanted attention. Yarraka posted a video in 2015 when a group of girls started pointing towards the boy and following them around while they were out shopping. The video was trending in Australia which led to Yarraka and Quade coming in front of the screen during a Studio 10 interview.

Quade and Yarraka Bayles
Quade and Yarraka Bayles YouTube Grab/ Studio 10

There is another video from 2015 which sets the records straight. It is a feature where Yarraka explains what Quade's condition is when he was around 4-years old in an SBS program called Living Black.

Apart from this, there is another evidence that says that he is actually 9-years-old. According to the family, the child was posing with a friend who turned 18 on his Instagram picture. Two years ago his mother posted a picture that showed them celebrating Quaden's 8th birthday.

Several of the pictures and videos have since been removed because of the extreme levels of negative attention that the family is receiving.

Natalia Grace has a similar story-line

Similar to Quaden there is someone else who has gone through extreme trauma and that is Natalia Grace. The young girl was abandoned by her family who adopted her at a very young age. She was the Ukranian orphan who was called rude names by the internet including comparing her with Esther from the Orphan.

Natalia is said to be a teenager and her adoptive family said that she is actually in her 30s. Her adoptive parents Kristine Barnett, 46, and her ex-husband Michael Barnett, 43, were charged with neglect of a dependent, to which they pleaded not guilty.

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