Dutch Journalist Gatecrashes Secret EU Defense Ministers' Meeting [VIDEO]

The journalist covered his mouth out of shock before laughing and also giving an enthusiastic wave to the people who were attending the meeting

An embarrassing clip shows a laughing journalist 'hacking' his way inside a top-secret EU meeting when one of the Twitter handles of a minister showed an image of his pin-code by mistake, as per reports. Daniel Verlaan, who is a Dutch reporter at the RTL Nieuws looked stunned when he understood that he managed to gatecrash his way inside the conference easily.

He covered his mouth out of shock before laughing and giving an enthusiastic wave. "Who are you?" someone questioned. "Hi I'm fine, how are you?" Verlaan replied. While some of the defense ministers could not stop themselves from laughing he was also given a telling off. Josep Borrell, the chief of the EU foreign policy and the president of the council told him, "You know that you have been jumping into a secret conference?"

EU Meeting Gatecrashed

EU meeting gatecrashed by journalist
EU meeting gatecrashed by journalist Twitter Grab/ Michiel van Hulten

"Yes, yes. I'm sorry. I'm a journalist from the Netherlands. I'm sorry for interrupting your conference. I'll be leaving here," Verlaan said. Not impressed by the answer Borrel replied, "You know it's a criminal offense?".

"You'd better sign off quickly before the police arrive, huh," Borrel added. In a report, the RTL Nieuws stated that Verlaan got access to the meeting when the Twitter handle of Dutch defense minister Ank Bijleveld "briefly contained a photo with the login address and part of the pin code".

The news organization guessed the pin code after a few attempts as "five of the six digits of the pin code were visible in the photo". The meeting got canceled following the security breach and a spokesperson of the Dutch Defense stated tweeting the photo with the pin code was a mistake. "This shows how careful you should be careful when sending a picture of a meeting," they added, as per reports. The kinds of activities have been on the rise during the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

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