Duchess Meghan Markle to have a cameo in Suits season 9?

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle as paralegal Rachel Zane in a promo for 'Suits' season six finale 'Character and Fitness.' youtube.com/tvpromosdb

Meghan Markle has played the role of Rachel Zane on the American legal drama series Suits from season 1 to 7, The Duchess of Sussex left the acting world after she got married to Prince Harry. There have been several speculations that Meghan will return as Rachel now that she has given birth to a baby boy.

Suits leading star Rachel Harris recently talked about Meghan Markle and her future with the show. Millions of Suits fans want to see Meghan back in the show before the story conclude. But as per Harris, Duchess is not going to come back to shoot for one more time.

"I don't know if you're going to see her or not. ... My money is that we're not going to see the Duchess, but I've been wrong before!"

While talking about Meghan Markle, Harris also added that the Duchess is doing a fantastic job of being a mother.

"I think that's an impossible position to be in, and I'm very proud of her. And I think she's beautiful and I'm very happy for her, her son and it's great," she added.

In addition to this, Suits' creator Aaron Korsh has also commented on Meghan Markle's future with the show. According to the writer, there is always a chance but added that he does not see that happening. So it looks like fans won't be able to see Meghan Markle back in Suits for the last and final season.

Given the fact that Meghan Markle has just given birth to Archie, she would be spending time with him and her husband. Chances of her reprising the role again are pretty slim.

Suites feature an ensemble cast featuring Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman, Patrick Adams, Gina Torres, and Sarah Rafferty. The legal drama is currently filming its final season and as per Rachel Harris, saying goodbye to the characters is tough. Harris further told Us Weekly that there are several stars who have lived their whole life playing these characters and it would be tough for them to wrap up the series. She talked about Rafferty, whose eight years old daughter has not known her mother not to be on the show.

The final season of Suits will start airing from July 17 in the USA.

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