Dubai Executive Capitalizes on Private Aviation Opportunity

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Ashish Bhandari

Ashish Bhandari is an investment advisor and previously one of the top performing Bankers in ABN Amro Bank and Bank Julius Baer in Dubai. Bhandari was involved in wealth management and portfolio management for ultra-high network clients, and throughout his banking career has been involved in portfolio management, investment advisory, estate/inheritance planning, and tax advisory.

After he quit banking at the end of 2017, Ashish Bhandari has been involved with the management of an office based in Dubai. They are part of a large industrial family with investments around the globe, and Bhandari acts as their investment advisor while operating as the director of finance. He took this opportunity to start his own business and has started three separate finance companies in India.

In 2020, Bhandari leased a private jet for his traveling when most of the commercial flights stopped. In the process, he gained an in-depth understanding of the private jet industry. Bhandari then partnered with a jet chartering company in India and started his journey leasing private jets.
Bhandari describes wealth management as a style of financial advising and investing that can be used to deal with wealth of all sizes. Private banking is typically reserved for individuals with a high net-worth, as they receive a variety of private services not offered to all customers.

He explains that private banking offers catered services to clients. These individuals are generally very wealthy and expect immediate assistance, which is why they avoid typical bank tellers. An individual can contact the lead financial advisor to immediately transfer money between accounts when banking privately, which makes the process much faster.

Bhandari says the system is designed to make banking processes as easy and quick as possible, so the bank will continue to benefit financially as well. So during the pandemic, Bhandari took his industry experience and combined that with the demands of the current market in private aviation. Bhandari saw the opportunity in private jets and the overlying connections to private banking.

Bhandari mentions that the hours spent in airport security, terminals, and commercial delays are extremely detrimental to executives, so avoiding these obstacles can be very beneficial to them.

Bhandari also pointed out the benefits of personalized service that flying independently provides: like gourmet catering, drink requests, in-flight entertainment requests, and much more. Some private jets even include seats that recline into beds and full showers.

These luxuries can pass flight time and make traveling an enjoyable experience rather than an exhausting one.

Bhandari's role in private banking enabled him to be successful during his transition to private aviation, and he always recommends referring to a highly qualified financial advisor first. His advice when investing is to consider your areas of expertise, and decide whether or not you could be an asset in helping your potential investment company become more profitable.
Bhandari has faith that the growth of the private jet chartering sector is set to bring many tourists to Dubai in the years after the Pandemic.