Dubai Balcony Photoshoot: Ukrainian Model Says She was Forced to Strip by American Playboy

One of the models who was arrested by the police for posing naked on a Dubai balcony for a photoshoot with several other nude women says she was forced to strip by a Ukrainian-American playboy who organized the stunt and also leaked the pictures online.

Irina Sotulenko, the Ukrainian model, sent a recorded voice message and a video to her boyfriend before she was nabbed by the Dubai police accusing the wealthy 41-year-old Vitaliy Grechin, of organizing the shoot and uploading it on social media without the consent of all the women who were photographed.

Women posing naked in Dubai
Women posing naked in Dubai Twitter

She is heard screaming in the audio sent to her boyfriend, ''It is just... Vitaliy... Grechin... You are just a total d**k... He is an adult man, how could he be such an idiot? I told them, guys, we are in Arab country, let's not show off," reported The Sun.

All the women who posed naked on the balcony have been arrested and detained by the local police and would be deported out of the UAE soon, read a court order, but did not reveal when they would be deported and the women are still under custody.

I Warned Them We Are In An Arab Country, Let's Not Flaunt Our Bodies in Public

Irina revealed that she had warned Grechin and the other women saying they are in an Arab country and might land in trouble but was eventually ''forced'' to strip and pose in the balcony by Grechin and the photographer who threatened her she would not be paid if she didn't pose in the balcony.

Irina's boyfriend, Vitaly, 30, who works in an IT desk job in Ukraine, acknowledged that his girlfriend went to Dubai for a private nude photoshoot but stripping and posing naked in public was never in the schedule.

Women posing naked in Dubai
A group of women pose naked in Dubai Twitter

''They pushed them out onto the balcony," he told The Sun, and continued saying the girls fought back against the organizer and the photographer for asking them to pose in the balcony as Dubai is a Muslim country and there might be consequences for their actions.

Vitaly revealed that both the men insisted none of the women would receive any payment if they don't walk and pose in the balcony forcing all of them to step up in full public view.

Nude photoshoot
More than a dozen women were arrested for posing naked in Dubai Twitter

''The girls began to be indignant, and asking why they were going there. They said- 'This is a Muslim country, for this we will all have problems'. But they were told- 'Do not forget who pays for it, please go to the balcony.' So they went out onto the balcony and photographed them."

Once all the women posed naked in the balcony, neighbouring hotel members also recorded the clip and Vitaliy Grechin uploaded it on his social media handles without their consent, which eventually led to the police knocking on their door an hour later locking up the group for indecent public exposure.