Dropshipping success story: Lior Biton incredible journey to the top

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Lior Biton

Dropshipping sounds like an easy path to becoming an entrepreneur. All you have to do is find someone to manufacture your product and then sell it online. That's all there is to it, right? Well, no. In fact, not only are there plenty of obstacles standing in your way, but every stage of the process requires marketing savvy and business skills. But as Lior Biton, the Israeli entrepreneur behind the best drop shipping company in Israel shows us, it's absolutely possible – and his story is worth hearing!

The beginning

Lior Biton was not always so successful. In fact, he made a lot of mistakes when starting out as an entrepreneur. But one thing that changed his life for good is dropshipping, a business model where you don't have to spend money on inventory. The young man set out on this journey when he was 16 years old and has been working tirelessly ever since. He is an example of what the youth should strive to become. His simple and small computer rental business makes him a role model for people who think they can become rich overnight. After two years, he paid all his school loans Currently he deals with online stores, e-commerce, and stores that are on the WordPress system. He does dropshipping from Aliexpress to a store. His ultimate goal is building and turning the store into a brand and he is on his way.

The first step into e-commerce

Lior Biton has seen it all in the world of e-commerce. He became one of Israel's most successful entrepreneurs and he did that by following his heart and intuition. His path began with a dropshipping business which eventually developed into one of Israel's leading digital enterprises. I have invested my time, money, energy, and everything I had. It was tough but I never gave up, says Biton who experienced many hardships on his way to the top. The truth is that I have always loved to be an entrepreneur.

Started digital marketing

For leads and Progress, he had to use a lot of different channels. He used Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google search ads, Facebook groups, and more. One of his favourite techniques was targeting people browsing through social media channels on subjects related to his niche. He believes that if you know what you're doing it is not hard to make money in digital marketing because you don't need any investment -and beginners can take advantage of other successful campaigns by just copying his steps.

Started drop shipping and network marketing courses

Lior has been on an incredible journey from being a young student with big dreams to a successful entrepreneur. He created his first business when he was only 16 years old and has now become one of the leading experts in dropshipping. As well as writing books and running courses, he also runs a podcast for people wanting advice about starting their own businesses.

This article was first published on October 6, 2022