Drop-shipping is catching up big time and there are vast opportunities associated with it, says Sohail Tariq.

Sohail Tariq

Rightly strategized methods can work wonders in this area, and Tariq has proved this by growing exponentially around this sphere.

The world is opening up to wider opportunities and freelancing tops all as after the global pandemic many individuals have grabbed the most of this space and have excelled in it. Sohail Tariq is one of them who has worked his way to the top by exploring the freelance space and targeting those areas which gave exceptional results. We are talking about the drop-shipping space which Tariq excels in, and is today one of the most successful professionals in this area of work. Though he was not always a freelance expert and his life looks drastically different today than it was a decade ago, one thing has not changed– his passion to be the best in his field, and his success proves that well. He was once a chartered accountant but was not sure about pursuing his career in that field as he always thought his calling was something else. He started looking for alternatives till he found the right one, and worked well to excel in it with time.

Today, he helps build drop-shipping businesses for many who are struggling to set foot in the market. Tariq says that he has been in the space for quite some time, assisting clients in every step towards building successful eCommerce stores and drop-shipping entities. From using drop-shipping to virtual assistants and from private label companies to wholesalers, he believes he can help any eCommerce retailer work in the best possible way rather than working hard, resulting in better profits. "I even offer full store management services, where I run the entire show for clients, taking the reins on everything from customer support to site maintenance to maintaining the inventory to delivering the products," says Tariq. He strongly believes that online shipping is the future and will keep growing with time. As long as the products are good along with the service, there's little chance of eCommerce slowing down anytime in the future.

Tariq says that today he has more time for himself and is making much more than he used to as a finance professional. His 200+ Drop-Shipping Accounts, 100 Wholesales accounts, 50 Amazon PL Projects and 30 Walmart accounts of 200+ clients and 250 employees working under him are enough proof of his achievements.