Drife Provides A Solution To The Challenges Regarding Customer Safety In Cab Driving Sector


When Uber and Ola came into the Indian market, it was no less than a revolution in the cab driving sector here. But one can't deny the fact that even though these companies shaped up the industry, there were still a few limitations waiting for the solution. Drife is now here to provide a fix to those challenges.

Drife is a blockchain-based ride-hailing platform transforming the industry by taking the middleman out of the process. Using blockchain technology, Drife delivers market-driven pricing for rides through a complex system that incorporates demand, user rating, and other factors to ensure an optimal experience for both rider and driver. The platform aims to break the cycle of low wages and high demand for drivers by offering 100% of the fare straight into the drivers' pockets. When 100% of the profits go to drivers, costs can be slashed, and the riders also stand to pay less for a higher quality experience.

But an even bigger challenge here is to ensure the customer's safety. Customer safety is priority number one for Drife, and that applies to both riders and drivers. Everyone knows how frightening it can be to be on a late-night ride alone if things go wrong, especially for women. DRIFE has a 24/7 call centre that can help people in any situation. Whether it's an accident or a problem with another individual, the highly trained agents of the platform will be there to guide you through the process.

Drife's application includes a tracking system where the agents can send help to your vehicle if emergency support is needed. The emergency button is directly on the application, making it faster and easier to call for help. The application will also have chat functions that will allow users to communicate in real-time if voice correspondence isn't possible.

Drife's mission has been from the start to offer improvements to every aspect of the ride-hailing experience. Moreover, with crime rates in certain regions increasing on taxi and Uber/Lyft rides, it is more important now than ever to have these functions established.

Drife's pilot is set to launch in Bangalore, India, in 2021, assuming progress with the pandemic moves in the right direction.