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Brodie Kern

Whether we choose to admit it or not, it is quite clear that modern society fosters a culture dominated by social media. From Facebook to Instagram to Tiktok, the newest booming social media platform, people of all ages and through multiple generations are attracted to the glimmer that these platforms radiate. Social media provides its users with a variety of uses, including entertainment, education, and communication, and has introduced a myriad of new business and career opportunities for those willing to enter into such platforms.
One individual, Bridie Kern, has uniquely leveraged the rapid growth of social media and subsequent industries, which include social influencing and digital branding building among many others, in his favor to build his business empire.

Brodie Kern began his business journey when he founded his first company, The Brodie Kern Group, after dropping out of college. The Brodie Kern Group was a real estate business that concentrated on selling investment properties, commercial properties, and houses. Despite lacking any prior formal education or experience in business, Kern experienced unprecedented success, selling several hundreds of houses and developing The Brodie Kern Group, along with his three subsequent business ventures, into a corporation valued at over six figures.

Despite his extraordinary success in managing his early business endeavor, in 2018, Kern decided to withdraw himself from these companies and begin anew. "I dropped everything I was doing to focus completely on my new company, Wake Up Wealthy," said Kern. Wake Up Wealth is a men's performance coaching and business building corporation. Wake Up Wealthy coaches its members through a structure of self-mastery and business systems. Kern described Wake Up Waelthy's approach saying "We focus on the areas of mind, body, spirit, and business (MBSB), bringing complete optimization to every single area".

Wake Up Wealthy's systematic approach to achieving success, as Kern chronicles, is scientifically backed and developed. Wake Up Wealthy combines the business lessons learned by Kern from his experiences at The Brodie Kern Group with data retrieved from the first 60 members of the Wake Up Wealthy brotherhood. This composition ensures that all members of the Wake Up Wealthy community are guaranteed to achieve their desired level of success, regardless of the prior education, experience, or other personal differences.

Because of its incredible success rate, Brodie Kern and Wake Up Wealthy have amassed a social media following of over 225 thousand members across their website (wakeupwealthy.co) and their Instagram page (@brodiekern). Kern utilizes these platforms to further promote Wake Up Wealthy's self-mastery and MBSB approach to a broader audience.

Although much of his time is dedicated to generating motivating and instructive content to post on his Instagram or ensuring a quality product for his followers, Kern still finds time to enjoy his family and personal hobbies. Like many other successful entrepreneurs, Kern applies the same degree of tenacity and attention to his personal life as he does his professional one. At home, Kern devotes himself to running 50-mile ultramarathons, supporting his loving wife and his baby son, and searching for what it truly means to be a modern man.

Simply put, Brodie Kerns is the epitome of a businessman and he is single-handedly revolutionizing the current landscape of the business industry.

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