A Dream come true: Luca Diddi

Luca Diddi

This story is about a man who turned his passion into a successful business.

Luca Diddi was always very enthusiastic about football. Born in Firenze, he now lives in Pistoia and started focusing his career toward being a football coach. He soon got an opportunity to coach for Series A with the Carpi football team, post which he started with the development of his first company.

Luca's company, on one hand, holds a sports network that offers visibility and on the other gives traffic coverage at a national level to its clients. He has around 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 154,000 followers on Facebook, which gives him a huge platform to connect with people and grow his business digitally.

When he started the business he executed more than a few market research and with a combination of his passion for football, he found the ultimate business idea which gave birth to his company.

Luca is a person who can be defined as Determined, Spontaneous, and Passionate. This in return helps him positively influence his followers with spirit and leadership qualities inborn within. Diddi has seen fame and recognition for his work but is the most humble person one could meet. Awarded with the gift of writing he also published a book called "The football I would like" which is now a best seller.

Diddi plans to have control over the management of online as well as the offline image of sports individuals and push his company toward a multiservice level in the digital world.

Luca at 42 has achieved great stature in his professional life and is an inspiration for all. Learning from his struggles and success, I hope this motivates young entrepreneurs to follow their passion.