Dramatic Video Shows Moment LAPD SWAT Shoot Dead Gunman Who Took a Woman Hostage and Shot a Teen in the Head

During the rampage the suspect, open fired on a family inside a local business and attempted to carjack a woman before he entered the apartment building and took a woman hostage.

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Chilling footage shows the moment a SWAT team stormed into a building and shot dead a gunman who had taken a hostage, following a random spree wherein he shot a 14-year-old. The incident happened on Friday after the gunman barricaded himself inside an apartment complex after shooting the 14-year-old boy in the head.

However, the name of the gunman hasn't yet been given. The identity of the victim has also not been disclosed. The video, which was shot on cellphone, made its way to the social media on after some time and immediately went viral.

Bang on Spot

LA Gunman
The gunman seen with the hostage just when the SWAT team makes entry Twitter

On Friday, LAPD officers stormed a building near the Skid Row district in downtown Los Angeles after the man took refuge in an apartment complex following a horrifying shooting spree that afternoon. After shooting the 14-year-old he had a gun fight with cops. During the rampage the suspect, open fired on a family inside a local business and attempted to carjack a woman before he entered the apartment building and took a woman hostage.

Officers then stormed into the building and shot him dead after a fierce gunfight. The entire episode was shot on a cellphone from building on the opposite side.

The entire incident started around 4:10 pm where a gunman randomly walked up to man on the sidewalk of the 8th Broadway and tried to shoot him in the head and fired a shot. In fact the man placed the gun on the man's head and even pressed the trigger but luckily it didn't fire.

Following that, he fled the scene and then entered a business in the 700 block of Broadway where three family members, including a 14-year-old boy, were inside.

Lucky Escape

This time he targeted the boy and shot him in the head, with the bullet grazing him. He then fled the scene again and headed to the area of 6th and Spring where he tried to carjack a woman. However, he was not successful in opening the car, he fled to the 7th and then to Spring where he started fighting with a man who on a bicycle.

Gunman grabbing hostage
The gunman seen grabbing and dragging the hostage as cops fire at him Twitter

By that time, cops had started receiving multiple 911 calls about the random attacks. They immediately located the amn an started chasing him who then ran into the apartment complex and took a woman hostage.

The viral video footage shows the suspect in a hallway armed with a gun forcing a female to come with him. "At that point, we knew we had a hostage situation," the LAPD said.

Through a window, officers could see the suspect holding a gun to the hostage's head, police said. The video shows a man in white T-shirt who appears to point a gun at the head of the hostage in front of the large apartment windows.

The hostage can also been seen kneeling down on the ground, while the suspect is standing. He then drags the woman away from the window to another spot in the room and starts strolling when a loud flash-bang is heard, which causes the man to duck down.

Several more rounds of gunshots can be heard next and the suspect can be seen running back and forth toward what appears to be the entrance to the apartment close to the stairwell.

At least one LAPD officer can be seen on the stairwell outside the apartment. However, the suspect during this doesn't let go the hostage and is seen grabbing her along the way and pulling her to the furthest room from the entrance and out of sight into darkness.

An entire SWAT team comprising at least five officers then storm into the room and several more rounds of gunshots can be heard. LAPD later said that suspect was shot by an officer and died on the scene. No other details including the identity of the suspect and the motive behind the attack were revealed.