Dramatic Video Captures Moment Ukrainian Soldier Blasts Russian Drone as Putin's Forces Continue to Suffer Losses [WATCH]

The dramatic new video shows a Ukrainian soldier firing the Brit-made Starstreak missile against a Russian Orion drone.

A dramatic video footage has emerged that shows a Ukrainian soldier using a British-made missile to blast a Russian drone before flipping the bird at it. As he destroys the drone, other Ukrainian soldiers can be heard cheering. This comes as Russian tanks and armored vehicles continue to be ambushed by Ukrainian forces.

Vladimir Putin's forces have already suffered enough setback with reports of over 19,000 soldiers being killed since Russia attacked Ukraine on Feb 25. There are also reports of other Russian drones being shot down by Ukrainian forces over the weekend. That however, hasn't stopped the Russian air force from continuously shelling Ukrainian cities.

Ukraine Showing Its Valor

The dramatic new video shows a Ukrainian soldier firing the Brit-made Starstreak missile against a Russian Orion drone. The soldier sees a drone approaching and points the missile at it and then charges the missile before flipping the bird at it.

The missile then goes in to hit the drone, completely destroying it. After he shoots down the weapon, his fellow soldiers can be heard rejoicing. He can also be seen raising his middle finger to the sky in celebration.

Soldier Yuriy Kochevenko uploaded the video, thanking Britain for the missile system and claiming that Ukraine makes effective use of "allies' help."

Ukraine soldier
A Ukrainian soldier blasting Russian drone Twitter

Ukraine has thanked all the countries that have been helping them by supplying arms and ammunitions to fight against the mighty Russian. "Successful combat use of Starstreak MANPADS in the Ukrainian-Russian war. Air Defense #95ОДШБр destroyed the Russian UAV Orlan, This is the greeting of Ukrainian paratroopers Boris Johnson. Thank you Britain," wrote Kochevenko.

"We use the support of allies effectively. Give more. For our freedom and yours!"

Russia Continues to Suffer Losses

Ukrainian soldier blasting
The drone being blown off Twitter

It comes after the General Staff of Ukraine's Armed Forces said on Facebook that Ukrainian fighters used the Starstreak missile system to shoot down another Russian Orlan-10 drone.

Russian's have been constantly suffering losses at the hands of the Ukrainians as the battled entered its 48th day. In Kharkiv region, the air defense unit of a separate airborne assault brigade with British-made MANPADS 'Starstreak' successfully destroyed another Russian UAV 'Orlan-10'," read his message.

Earlier this month, Ukraine used the same British missile to take down a Russian helicopter. A dramatic video footage showed the moment the Mi-28N was hit by the Starstreak in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine.

Putin's tank regiment also has been suffering massive losses as Ukrainians have now destroyed scores of them. Several video footages have emerged online that show Ukrainian soldiers attacking Russian tanks as Putin's forces run for their lives.

A Number of videos have emerged on social media over the weekend that shows Russian soldiers fleeing and their tanks being destroyed by Ukrainian forces. In one video, two multi-purpose trucks are seen parked next to a tree line in an open field before two missiles explode nearby.

As the smoke clears, a group of about a dozen men can be seen fleeing up the road as other strikes hit the area, sending massive plumes of smoke skyward.

Last week, spectacular footage from Chernihiv Oblast captured the moment a Russian tank was blown up by a missile. On-board ammunition is believed to have caught fire, causing a massive cloud of smoke to rise into the sky.