DRAMATIC Ring Camera Footage Shows Thugs Holding Virginia Residents At Gunpoint; (WATCH) 

Two thugs held residents at gunpoint in their home in Virginia. The masked men entered the home of two elderly residents and stole some money. The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon in Portsmouth. The dramatic incident was captured on camera.

Police are on the search for the two masked men, who have been identified as Mitchell Boney Jr, 25 and Tyree Demont Boney Jr, 22. Both entered the residence of elderly people in Portsmouth and ordered them to "get inside of a linen closet at gunpoint. They stole a safe and a wallet from the scene, according to the Portsmouth Police Department.

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Masked Men Are Wanted For Burglary

Both are wanted for conspiracy to commit a burglary, armed burglary, use of a firearm and abduction.

Armed Men Entered The House And Pointed Their Guns At Elderly People

The incident captured from the ring surveillance shows the men entering the house with their guns. Two elderly people are seen in the video, one female another male.

The woman is seen standing while the man is seen on the couch. The masked men pointed their guns at them and ordered the woman to bring something.

Masked Men Ordered Them To Get In The Closet

"Y'all get in the closet right now. I'm not f--king playing, get in the closet right now," one man is heard saying in the video. While another ordered the elderly man to get up.

The elderly woman is seen walking towards the closet as the perpetrator pointed his gun at her. He then turns to the other person seated on the recliner as the television is overheard in the background, according to Daily Mail.

Video surveillance shows the hoodlums walking around the home with one of them snatching a wallet and the other grabbing a safe from another room before exiting the home, reported Mail.

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This article was first published on September 18, 2022