Dramatic Footage Shows Jet-Fueled Truck Racing Against Planes Bursting Into Flames During Michigan Air Show (WATCH)

A jet-fulled truck racing with aeroplanes burst into flames at the Michigan air show, killing one person on Saturday. The Shockwave Jet Truck was racing against two planes during the incident on Saturday in Battle Creek.

The victim has been identified as Chris Darnell, 40, who was driving the vehicle when it caught fire and exploded while it raced against the planes.

Videos emerged on the internet show the vehicle producing a streak of smoke.

A Shockwave Jet Truck bursts into flames while racing two planes at the Michigan air show
A Shockwave Jet Truck bursts into flames while racing two planes at the Michigan air show Twitter

Shockwave Jet Truck Burst Into Flames

It wasn't clear if that first burst of flames, which created a cloud of black smoke, was part of the expected display at the annual Battle Creek Field of Light Air Show and Balloon Festival. Two prop planes were performing aerial tricks and flying low above the truck as it raced down a runway at the Battle Creek Executive Airport when the accident happened, according to NBC News.

Witnesses from the site revealed that his truck while racing two planes burst into flames before flipping off the runway.

Air Show Was Called Off For The Rest Of The Day

After the incident, the air show was called off for the rest of the day and the airspace has been closed.

The event is the nation's largest combined air show and balloon festival that is consistently voted as one of the best air shows in the country, according to the Michigan government.

It features the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, US Air Force F-35A Lightning II Demo Team, US Navy F-35C Lightning II Demo Team, and US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet RHINO Demo Team plus some terrific civilian acts along with pyro and the WALL OF FIRE.

Currently, the mechanical failure is believed to have caused the accident.

Neal Darnell, Darnell's father, stated that he is very sad due to the incident. "Just one month ago Chris turned 40. He was so well-loved by everyone who knew him. Chris so loved the Air Show-business. He was 'Living the Dream' as he said," he said in a Facebook post.

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