Dramatic Footage Shows Bronx Woman Barely Escaping Stalker Trying to Enter Her Apartment [VIDEO]

A terrifying video captures the tense moment a woman barely escaped a creep who followed her home with an intention to enter her Bronx apartment.

The NYPD said the woman, 50, was arriving home to her Claremont Village apartment at around 2 a.m. on September 23 while the suspect, wearing a white tank-top and a blue jeans, was stalking her.

Tense Moment Captured in a Nail-Biting Video

Video released late Tuesday shows the woman quickly unlocking her apartment door, glancing behind her for just a moment before shutting it behind her, according to the New York Post.

Mere seconds later, the suspect is shown sprinting down the hall — only to be greeted by the locked door.

He is shown turning the doorknob and ringing the doorbell — to no avail.

The man then leaves the apartment and walks away in frustration.

The stalker sprinted down the hall as the woman closed and locked her apartment door. NYPD

Police are still seeking the suspect, and he is wanted for attempted burglary.

He and the woman do not know each other, cops said, adding that he never said a word to her during the unsettling encounter. The suspect is reportedly a Black man.

"WANTED for an Attempted Burglary... Individual followed female victim and attempted to gain access to her apartment," NYPD Crime Stoppers said in a tweet.

Social Media Reactions

Netizens are calling this incident "terrifying" and "similar to a horror movie scene." One internet user said, "This looks worse than just burglary. He even knocked on the door."

Another said, "Attempted Burglary and could have also been Attempted Rape. This man MUST be apprehended ASAP. Glad she remained calm and was okay. She needs to carry pepper spray."

One comment read, "That's hard to watch and I dread to think how the lady feels after this!" Another comment read, "I cannot wait until these headlines start reading differently! Something like: Women shoots creep for following her home."

One user shared, "As AOC would say, maybe he did it for food. People need money for bread! Damn clown! Arrest his dumb a*s!" Another wrote, "Every woman needs a gun at this point."