Dr. Steven Kaufman Believes Failures Are Your Unaccredited Degrees in the World

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Dr. Steven Kaufman

No matter how much we despise them and how demotivating they can be, mistakes and failures are known to breed better results in the long run. According to leading entrepreneur and investor Dr. Steven Kaufman, failures are unaccredited degrees in the world and perhaps the best learning tools. And he speaks from personal experience.

Hailing from a humble background, Dr. Kaufman recalls how his father worked as a janitor and security guard, struggling to feed and raise five kids. It was his grandmother who supported the family through the tough times, and eventually stirred in him a desire to achieve something in life and attain financial independence.

Dr. Kaufman's also experienced a small business failure at the age of 21, right as he was starting his career. At that point, it was extremely stressful for him to see his expectations crumble to the ground, but today he describes it as "like my unaccredited, official MBA!"

Refusing to let his failure put him down, he kept on dreaming big and working hard. He lived by experiencing life rather than buying experiences. Today, as the founder of Zeus Companies - a multi-million dollar company, he is living proof that failures can be the learning curves we need to muster up the courage and rise higher than we ever thought.

Zeus Companies operates a real estate financing firm, Zeus Lending, and a commercial real estate investment firm, Zeus Equity Group, under its banner. For his incredible achievements, Dr. Kaufman has been interviewed multiple times on currency financial markets by various new organizations like Fox, ABS, CBS, Bloomberg, and CNN.

Furthermore, he has worked as a high-ranking executive at leading real estate firms, with decades of experience. He has successfully coordinated over $1 billion in real estate financing for companies like American Express, Hewlett-Packard, and Exxon Mobil. As the owner of Zeus companies, he is providing the best online real estate financing in the USA. Taking the real estate and investment space by storm, Zeus has now become the 37th fastest-growing private financial service firm in the States.

Today, the businessman and mortgage expert shares that while he has managed to make a name for himself in the finance world and has won numerous awards for his professional successes, his biggest personal success is, and will always remain, his daughters.

A complete family man, who regularly tests his strength as a powerlifter, Dr. Kaufman is surely an inspiration for all those seeking balance in life.

Check out his Instagram @thestevenkaufman to know more about him.