Dr. Mehmet Oz on Verge of Loss in Key Pennsylvania Senate Primary; Donald Trump Blames 'Fake' Mail-In Votes

Former President Donald Trump has said the mail-in votes in Pennsylvania primaries point towards the "fake ballots".

Trump is backing Dr. Mehmet Oz, a surgeon who gained popularity after his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show. He is competing with former hedge fund executive David McCormick.

It is noteworthy that Act 77, Pennsylvania's voting law permitting no-excuse mail-in voting for all voters, led to this chaos in Tuesday's primary election.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Democrats Twisting Arms; Social Media Chatter

Social Media is abuzz with the comments from the supporters of the Republican Party who have termed this development "unfair" and "uncalled". However, Trump detractors are calling him a mischief monger adding that he is corrupt and untrustworthy.

They are blaming the Democrats for manipulating the Pennsylvania primaries.

A large faction of the social media followers is stating that mail-in voting can never be trusted and that it is a way of swaying the election results as per sweet will of the state authorities.

Dr. Oz was going strong prior to this and Trump camp was confident of his win. However, the scenario has changed with the coming in of the mail ballots as there is a strong possibility of his competitor McCormick stealing the show.

A Twitter user while expressing his opinion stated: "The 2020 elections had many problems and much fakery with voting in "blue" states. The Pennsylvania primaries ended days ago with no clue where the count actually is. Our rights have eroded. Our elections are no longer fair, thus our voices are silenced. #Trump #Pennsylvania."

Another user shared his views stating, "Dr. Oz faces political judgment day with a powerful weapon: former President Trump's backing. Oz has the MAGA leader's potent support as he battles in a GOP Senate primary Dr. Oz faces judgment day in Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary with Trump's backing Oz has the MAGA leader..."

"Bridgewater Associates alum David #McCormick and celebrity doctor@DrOz are girding for a long legal fight in their too-close-to-call #Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary, with Donald #Trump already casting doubts on the outcome @MASAOMORITR.