Dr KaNisha L. Hallgets candid about her life journey and speaks about her multi-faceted personality

Dr KaNisha L. Hallgets

Dr. KaNisha Hall is definitely not your typical doctor or anesthesiologist. This motivational speaker, wellness coach, a sexuality counselor, and author of Amazon best-selling book 'Sex After....' (A Woman's Guide To Empowered and Enhanced Sexual Experiences In The Evolution of Life.) is just getting started. She is currently based in Houston, Texas which is home to the largest medical center in the world. After graduating with honors from Louisiana Tech University with a B.S. in Chemistry, she succeeded with a second B.S. in Bio-Science Technology from Thomas Jefferson University.

Dr. KaNisha completed a Cytology fellowship at Kitasato University abroad in Sagamihara, Japan. If you follow her on social media (@DrKaNisha), YOU KNOW Dr. KaNisha is a proud alumnus of Howard University, where she received a Doctorate in Medicine. She completed her residency in anesthesiology at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. Dr. KaNisha is dedicated to lifelong learning. She partook in a cohort for Sexuality Counseling at the University of Michigan's esteemed School of Social Work. Currently, she has been accepted to Columbia University's master's program for

Developmental Disabilities.

Her diverse background birthed her passion for comprehensive wellness, physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual health. Her company, Performance Medicine LLC, is all about empowering individuals to be there best via one on one coaching and education.

Moreover, the doctor is an advocate for telemedicine and does virtual counseling sessions on mental health, addiction management, and wellness coaching.

Dr. KaNisha credits her success to her family. She thanks her parents Alfred Hall and Nora Hall for their unconditional support of her dreams and aspirations. Initially, she wanted to become a musician, then an analytical chemist, botanist, and entrepreneur. She's accomplished all of these titles and more. Still, she testifies she could not have completed her journey to become a successful physician without the love and guidance of her two parents and older brother, Andre Hall. Now her driving force includes her daughter, Ava Grace.

When asked to describe one of life's hardest lessons learned, Dr. KaNisha says, "I have learned to always stay true to the person my parents raised me to be. I will never forget my humble beginnings, yet I will never accept limitations on where I am able to go. In 2008, My father passed in the month of March, just before I was set to graduate in May from Howard University College of Medicine. My dad may not have been physically present at my graduation, but I'm comforted by the thoughts of him now serving as a guardian angel for both me and my daughter. I pray he is proud of his baby girl."

Dr. KaNisha lives by "Look, feel, and be your best." This motto is more than a tagline. It is her mission. This vibrant professional is rightly inspiring the masses with her incredible works. She uses her platform on social media, radio, television, and public speaking to educate and empower people on getting and staying healthy.

Dr. KaNisha answered the call to service during this pandemic. She has cared for some of the sickest patients in need of her skill set as an Anesthesiologist. All the while, Dr. KaNisha used her platform to remind the public not to neglect their health and other diseases that plague our country such aS cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. She has been one of the biggest advocates in addiction medicine. She states, "I hope that no patient feels forgotten in this public health crisis."

Recently, Dr. Kanisha was named a lead medical correspondent for Kluster Media Group. This iHeart Radio Affiliate comprises more than half a dozen international radio stations, television, and digital media.

When asked what she considers to be her biggest achievement, without hesitation Dr. Kanisha replied, "When my brother and I established the Alfred Hall III Foundation to honor my dad, I could clearly see a lifelong vision realized. We wanted it to be about continuing and building a legacy." This nonprofit organization has distributed more than $35,000 scholarships and small business grants to support higher education for the deserving candidates to build a strong community of bright professionals. Alfred Hall III passed away on March 12, 2008, and interestingly, her daughter came to the world 7 years later on the same day on March 12, 2015. Continuing the legacy, Dr. KaNisha L. Hall wants to bring a revolution in the field of medicine and comprehensive wellness for years to come.

This article was first published on October 17, 2020