Dr Ashish Jha: Reviled for Transport Mask Mandate, Covid-19 Czar Bags Coveted White House Job

Dr. Ashish Jha, the Newly appointed Covid 19 Response Coordinator in White House, has come in the firing line of the anti-vax and anti-mask groups in the U.S.

A large number of people are objecting to this appointment stating that Dr. Jha had created uncalled for panic in the public pertaining to Covid-19. They also stated that he along with his supporters had successfully executed the plan to get this coveted posting at White House.

Dr. Ashish Jha

This is the first federal job of the Ivy league doctor who is referred to as the coronavirus czar following his expertise and advisory on the pandemic.

Dr Ashish Jha, an Advocate of Mask Mandate

Dr. Jha is serving at the Brown University School of Public Health as Dean and has taken a short-term leave owing to his assignment with the White House.

According to a report carried by The Washington Post, Dr Jha's came to the fore when he single-handedly ended a faculty revolt against the Dean of Public Health School at Havard. He was serving as the Global Health Leader at Havard when the incident occurred.

At the same time, there is a chatter on social media on Dr. Jha being an advocate for the "transport mask mandate". There is a possibility of extending the compulsory wearing of masks while traveling on all modes of transportation. A large number of social media followers are objecting to this probable extension.

Expressing his resentment at Dr Jha's posting a twitter user wrote, "It's worth mentioning the obvious..If @ashishkjha hadn't spent the past 2 years pushing the #COVID19 panic buttons of the American public, he wouldn't have his White House job. If Covid monomania ends, his White House job goes away. This is a textbook case of conflict of interest."

Another user wrote, "Someone please tell @ashishkjha that we are calm already It's the panic pushers like him #Fauci & TheExperts™ who are the high priests of Branch Covidianism who are keeping things riled up The new White House coronavirus czar calls for calm."

Replying to @Bob Wachter @ashishkjha and 2 others, a user stated, "While boarding, they turn off the circulation system so as not to suck engine fumes in. I've been in some very stuffy aircraft, packed in for an hour with no fresh air. Not taking my mask off on planes any time soon. I've got a CO2 meter I'll be bringing along out of curiosity."

"@AshishKJha: now part of secret shadow government. #Covid_19 transparency be damned! Funding nixed by #Congress. #CDC, #FDA quit testing, reporting, masking, distancing. We fend for ourselves. Still trust what they tell us? They've abandoned us all to #LongCovid & death," read another tweet.