Dr. Ahmed Chooses Steady Perfection Over Quick Results

 Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar,

Some things can never be rushed. When it comes to beauty in various forms, taking things slowly often pays off monumentally. Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar, a renowned aesthetics doctor, upholds that philosophy. While today he is known as one of the best in the industry, it took a while to get to such a coveted position. Dr. Ahmed credits his success to the fact that he put a great deal of dedication, energy, and effort into his training. He openly speaks about his internal motivation and what drives him every day.

"The beginning of my cosmetic practice was slow and steady. I took things gradually, and I wanted to bring something different forward. I didn't want to do the same processes that everyone else was doing. I wanted to use my extensive education, expertise, and creativity in order to redefine the industry," he shares.

Dr. Ahmed is always focused on providing unparalleled quality when it comes to treating his patients. He began his medical career at the prestigious University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where he graduated with a BSc Honors in Biomedical Science. Then, El Muntasar completed his medical degree at the University of Manchester and obtained a full General Medical Council registration and additional training through the British Association of Dermatologists and Royal College of Surgeons.

After many years of studying and training, Dr. Ahmed started his own clinic in London. "It all ran smoothly because I had years of preparation under my belt. When you take the time to build a solid foundation and train thoroughly, you get this sense of reassurance, leaving no room for doubt," he explains.

To date, Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar has been featured in a number of prestigious medical journals, but he never rests on his laurels. He firmly believes that a positive mindset is the necessary key determining whether one will succeed or fail. "If you're going to start a business, especially as a new entrepreneur, there can be a lot of second-guessing. While that is completely normal, it's quite detrimental to your growth. The way I see it, every aspiring business owner needs to have a very strong sense of who they are. Once you're clear on that, you won't be comparing yourself to anyone else. When you compare yourself to others, you generate negativity, and it works against you," he shares. Dr. Ahmed instead recommends that new entrepreneurs stay motivated daily with the help of healthy habits, such as exercise and meditation.

Despite how far he's come, Dr. El Muntasar still has big goals. He is currently collaborating with one of the world's largest filler brands to create a very special project that could revolutionize the status quo. He also continues to run his clinics and be an inspiration on social media alongside celebrities and influencers. After decades of practice and a stellar career, Dr. Ahmed still chooses steady progress over quick results. He advocates for passionately pursuing one's interests day in and day out, without ever losing sight of the big picture.