Dr. Adam Goodcoff Provides Medical Education to Millions Across Social Media

Dr. Adam Goodcoff

Dr. Adam Goodcoff is not only a doctor on social media, but a practicing doctor in real life. Training in emergency medicine, Dr. Adam Goodcoff recognized a large knowledge gap in the general public. "People just don't know much about their own health, and even worse, they don't know where to go to get reliable information." Physicians like Dr. Goodcoff are stepping up to the challenge and meeting the public where they spend the bulk of their time, on social media.

Dr. Adam Goodcoff is no stranger to social media. Starting before 2019, he became known as @seethemedlife, a medical student providing study tips and tricks for other students. The pandemic in 2020 changed Dr. Goodcoff's path for the better. "I remember thinking, wow there are lots of people creating medical skits," and that was just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Goodcoff jumped into action early on making content around masking guidelines and hand sanitization. "It was incredible how much misinformation was out there, I just felt obligated to put some real credible info out there to combat it."

Dr. Goodcoff has earned the title of creator as a respected doctor on social media with nearly 2 million followers across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. His content now focuses around healthcare and is divided into more technical medical quiz shows, a series his team calls You Be the Doctor and the more public oriented videos explaining common health conditions on his YouTube channel called Your Health Explained. "I never could have expected this," Dr. Goodcoff said when asked about the following millions. Despite the excitement of millions of followers and even a trip to the White House, he clarified that it's not about the numbers, but the quality of the content.

"It was easy in the beginning to get obsessed with the follower count," he shared. Some days, attaining over 50,000 followers in one day was exciting, and stressful. Looking at SeeTheMedLife as a brand, it is clear that Dr. Goodcoff cares deeply about his followers, and learners. "The opportunity to educate on social media is limitless. People want a break, they like to learn and be entertained simultaneously." Dr. Goodcoff does just that with engaging content by explaining how sutures are placed, how to do CPR in an emergency, and even testing his followers skills by allowing them to make choices as if they were the doctor.

His Instagram case series are one of a kind. We participated in a case involving a patient having a hard time breathing. Choosing the answers for how to proceed felt like a video game and was incredibly engaging. When asked about his style of education, Dr. Goodcoff explained that he likes to keep it light and interactive so that if the learner is able to complete the cases, they may go on and do additional reading to expand their knowledge on that topic.

Dr. Adam Goodcoff revealed that he is launching a structured approach in July to his educational series on Instagram. First, focusing on trauma and burns especially given the risks around holidays like 4th of July. You can find Dr. Goodcoff on Instagram or TikTok @seethemedlife and we highly recommend you do, for your health, education and entertainment.

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