Download this new iOS app that will warn you of smartphone hacking attempts

This newly launched security app may help iOS users to safeguard their devices from hacking activities

In the past few years the world has witnessed a boost in cybersecurity activities and thanks to the hackers, smartphones have become one of the most vulnerable devices. But recently a new app has launched only for iOS which is believed to be a perfect solution to safeguard iPhones from hackers and other malicious activities.

This newly launched app, developed by security firm Trail of Bits is called iVerify app. It is designed to periodically scan iOS devices for security anomalies that can indicate the vulnerability of the device. As per the developers, if the app finds abnormality in iOS, it will direct the user to the process of securing the device.

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It should be noted that earlier there was no tool which could successfully detect whether an iPhone was hacked or not. Until August it was difficult for the security researchers to examine any software bugs in iOS as Apple, previously had all the system access locked down. The multinational company also bans antivirus products on the App Store and has strict guidelines for one app scanning another.

However, as per Trail of Bits, this iVerify app is not an antivirus program, instead, it tries to find out the side effects that exploited iPhone vulnerabilities, reported Motherboard. To detect the side effects from exploited iOS vulnerabilities, the developers of this app analysed all previous iPhone jailbreaks, which includes exploiting old flaws to gain access to the device that can allow users to install unauthorized third-party apps, including malware.

It should be noted that in 2016 Apple has removed a similar security application 'System and Security Info' from App store just a week after it appeared on the marketplace as the company found that the app had too much visibility into iOS. But as of now, Apple didn't comment on this new iVerify app.

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