Download these paid iOS apps at no cost


The App Store sale for the day comprises of six apps with different uses that will help you get through every day more efficiently. Get your iPhone or iPad out and take a look at this list of iOS apps now as this offer will expire anytime soon.

Braintoss (US$1.99)

Whenever you have a thought that you don't want to lose, speak, snap or scribble it into the Braintoss app and it will be sent to your inbox for later use. Braintoss works with Evernote, Trello, Todoist, Dropbox, Wunderlist and Onenote.

Download Braintoss for iOS from the official App Store.

Sleep Cycle (US$1.99)

Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock that analyses your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase–the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed. No need to place your device in bed, this app uses sound analysis sleep tracking.

Download Sleep Cycle for iOS from the official App Store.

Funnel (US$0.99)

Get hourly news podcasts from outlets like BBC, NPR, WSJ, CBC, VOA, Fox 5 and more via the Funnel app. This gives you a clear account of what's going on in the world from a multitude of sources. Just pick your favourite and listen from anywhere. Control the sources in your feed and set up AutoPlay, Autostart and Reminders for a custom experience.

Download Funnel for iOS from the official App Store.

History Events (US$1.99)

With the History Events app, you can learn or get reminded of historic and important events from throughout history. This app also allows you to read important events that happened around the world with their respective dates.

Download History Events for iOS from the official App Store.

Palabras (US$1.99)

Want to learn the Spanish language? Palabras helps you achieve that goal through daily reminders with hundreds of words.

Download Palabras for iOS from the official App Store.

3D Earth (US$3.99)

The 3D Earth app rolls weather forecast, clocks, widgets and a beautiful view from the space to our Earth into a single place. Features-packed and highly accurate, this unique weather forecast algorithm has access to thousands of weather stations.

Download 3D Earth for iOS from the App Store.