Download these paid iOS apps from App Store for free now

IBTimes Singapore has collected some premium iOS apps that have gone free now.

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IBTimes Singapore has collected some premium iOS apps that have gone free on Tuesday, November 2. At the end of the list, you'll get a life-saver--the National Hurricane Centre Data app. If you don't have it yet, there's no reason for you not to get it now. That and more free iOS apps are available to download below.

Pluto Camera (US$0.99 free)

Creative smartphone camera shots don't need 360-degree or any other stunning lens to pull them off. Pluto Camera is all you need to add a cool effect by bending the image in a circular fashion, making your photo look like it's taken by a panoramic lens. Other creative camera controls are zoom, rotate, invert, bulge and twister. Download Pluto Camera for iOS from the App Store.

Storyboard 2 (US$4.99)

Whiteboard and sticky notes are the best tools one can have to jot down loose information. Storyboard allows you to move and group your notes according to colour for a more convenient keeping of notes. Although designed for businessmen, who says you can't use it? Download Storyboard 2 for iOS from the App Store.

Find the Phrase (US$1.99)

Sharpen your literary skills with Find the Phrase. This app will drill you into word puzzles, puns and riddles and guess missing words. Players can use hints or call a friend when everything fails. More than 100 levels of brain exercises can be played. Download Find the Phrase for iOS from the App Store.

Finger Animated Stickers (US$0.99)

Emojis can be repetitive and boring at times. Spice up the way you express yourself in your messages by using the brand-new finger animated stickers. From ecstatics to sad and grumpy fingers, you can now creatively expressive yourself. Download Finger Animated Stickers for iOS from the App Store.

NOAA Now or National Hurricane Centre Data (US$1.99)

You can't escape natural disasters but there's a great tool for you to avoid its wrath. NOAA Now allows you access National Hurricane Centre data and know satellite imagery animations in the last eight hours to keep you up-to-date with storm movements. Download NOAA Now for iOS from the App Store.

Enjoy your free apps!

This article was first published on November 1, 2017