Download Pokemon GO 1.19.1/0.49.1 update for iOS and Android: What's new

Niantic Labs has just announced the release of latest Pokemon GO updates for iOS and Android.

Pokemon GO December update
Download Pokemon GO 1.19.1/0.49.1 for iOS and Android: What’s new

Niantic Labs has just rolled out a minor feature update for its popular augmented-reality game - 'Pokemon GO', across both iOS and Android platforms wherein the former gets updated to Pokemon GO v1.9.1 and the latter to Pokemon GO v0.49.1. The latest Pokemon GO update adds feature enhancements and improved functionality including some noticeable user interface (UI) improvements.

Pokemon trainers can now select multiple monsters of the same type at once by pressing and holding on the Pokemon that needs to be exchanged for precious candies from Professor Willow. There is no longer any need to scroll down through the endless list of duplicate Pokemons while exchanging them for a candy. This feature works similar to the Shift key option on any windows computer keyboard.

The transfer process of captured Pokemons for candies will now be more efficient as veteran gamers would love to capture a bunch of low-level Pokemons at once, before transferring them out for candies in one go.

The Buddy feature has now been revamped to add the total number of candies collected by a particular Buddy Pokemon, which is based on the amount of distance travelled by it with the Pokemon GO app open.

The information regarding the accrued number of candies now appears instantly via the freshly-modified UI on the Buddy information screen. The total number of kilometres walked by a Buddy Pokemon alongside its trainer will now appear on the individual Buddy Pokemon screen.

Niantic has also made a few minor text improvements and UI enhancements to uplift the overall user experience with the game. Check out the complete changelog for the new Pokemon GO feature update in the screenshot below:

Pokemon GO update for iOS and Android
Pokemon GO update for iOS and Android Niantic Labs

As the new update is being rolled out in phases, it may not yet be live on the Apple App Store and Google's Play Store in your region. So, it is imperative to keep checking periodically for the update to know if it's available for download.

Tip#1: Avid Pokemon GO gamers are advised to exercise caution while doing the mass-transfer as favouriting a particular Pokemon will prevent the transfer from completing successfully.

Android users have just got lucky, as the APK file for the latest Pokemon GO update is now available unofficially via APK Mirror. Check out the download link below:

Download Pokemon GO v0.49.1

Tip#2: Although the manual Pokemon GO update for iOS is still unavailable, users can try checking for the update in iTunes as follows:

  • Launch iTunes > Go to the Updates section, locate Pokemon GO in the app list and hit the Update button.
  • Wait until the update (v1.17.1) installs and then sign in to your account to verify if any newer updates are available. The over-the-air update will be rolled out in phases worldwide and hence it is imperative that you keep checking both the Apple App Store as well as the iTunes Update section on a periodic basis.