Doug Emhoff Termed "Insensitive' as Motorcade of VP Harris Husband Blocks Handicap Parking Spaces

The motorcade of Doug Emhoff, Vice President Kamla Harris's husband, blocked the parking spaces of handicapped at a Supermarket in Brentwood.

Emhoff, the second gentleman, had gone to buy some grocery at an upscale supermarket and for more than 20 minutes the secret service vehicles accompanying him were parked diagonally at the spots earmarked for differently-abled.

Doug Emhoff

Doug Emhoff Dubbed as "High-headed", "Inconsiderate" and "Insensitive" on Social Media

The report has invited a sharp retort from the social media followers who have labelled Emhoff as "high headed", "inconsiderate" and "Insensitive".

Kamla Harris's detractors did not lose the chance to ridicule her adding that she has not lived up to the expectations of a common man and that she along with her family have displayed arrogance on several occasions.

A report published by New York Post stated that Neither vehicle was seen displaying the necessary identification. Instead, the black Chevrolet suburban donned Department of Homeland Security license plates that read "US Government...For Official Use Only." The California Vehicle Code clearly states that it is unlawful for any person to park or leave standing any vehicle in a stall or space designated for disabled persons and disabled veterans" unless they are displaying a special identification license plate or placard.

A Twitter user wrote, "RULES FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME Kamala's husband blocks handicapped parking spot for 20 minutes while shopping at Whole Foods in LA. Secret Service detail ignored parking lot markings."

Another user shared, "Kamala's husband completely disregarded parking regulations. Took his time while other customers were forced to wait. "He was taken right to the head of the line," said an angry customer."

Replying to @DouglasEmhoff @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris, an angry Twitter user stated, "It takes 4 SUVs for you to buy kale at Whole Foods? That's a lot of carbon you're dumping into the air. Oh yeah, and disabled people lose their parking spots while you're shopping. Real cool bruh."

"Elitist losers...and more waste of tax dollars - secret service acting as parking attendants for yourself and park your own damn one knows who you are anyway," read a tweet.