Double K Cause of Death: Rapper Dies Aged 43 in Unknown Circumstances; Fans Flood Twitter with Tributes

Rapper Double K, also known as Michael Turner, has died aged just 43 under unknown circumstances.

Double K, a well-known rapper of the American hip-hop group 'People Under the Stairs', reportedly died under unknown circumstances at the age of 43. The news first dropped on Sunday on January 31 and his fans took it to social media to pay their tribute to the late rapper and singer.

Double K
Rapper Double K dies aged 43 Twitter

Double K, who is also known as Mike Turner, appeared in the opening montage for The Simpsons 20th Anniversary special. The rapper went on to work with 'Kidd Lexus' and 'Blvme'. He also teamed up with Murs—Nicholas Neil Carter—to produce his debut track 'Red Dots'. Interestingly, Double K was the first cousin of Computer Jay, a celebrated Los Angeles music artist.

The late rapper was a huge fan of Musical band Parliament-Funkadelic and became an official member of George Clinton's Funk Mob. He recorded an album with legendary Connecticut rapper-producer-DJ Dooley O. However, the record, which was called Double-O Project was never released.

In 2019, during an interview with LA Times, Double K said that where he grew up "there was the negative and I had the positive" which was his music. "I was surrounded by the negativity, the things going on in the streets, the stuff that I thought that I wanted to be a part of. I decided that this was more important. I just holed up in my room, listening to music, and then I met this dude and I had somebody else to listen to music with," he said.

#RIP Double K

The news about his death is yet to be confirmed but fans have flooded social media with tributes. Recalling meeting Double K, American journalist Dana Scott from Phoenix, Arizona tweeted: "I first met Double K in 2003 on the CaliComm Tour in Boston, same night JMJ died. He and Thes One were really cool cats to chill with and had them on my Musenomix."

A fan said on Twitter: "Rest in Peace to #DoubleK from #PeopleUnderTheStairs. Just saw the sad news that homie has transitioned. Thank you for your service King. Yet another reminder at how precious life is. Please show appreciation and give roses to your peoples while they're still here to enjoy them."

"Man... Rest peacefully Double K blasting People Under the Stairs all day tomorrow. Thank you for the music," another user wrote.

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