Double Jump.Tokyo to Donate Soccer Balls Worldwide with 'World Peace Through The Power of Soccer' NFTs Featuring Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

Soccer is a universally loved game, and has the power to bring groups together and thrill crowds of all ages. With 3.5 billion fans worldwide, soccer is the most popular sport worldwide, hands down. Soccer is a money-maker as well, with fans plunking down large amounts of money to attend matches, buy the jerseys of their favourite player, or play the game themselves.

The love for soccer has even seeped into the anime world with the globally well-known series Captain Tsubasa. The original manga featuring the character has captivated audiences and soccer players alike since 1981. The character has been featured not only in the manga but in television shows and movies. The stories drew the attention of international audiences through spectacular moves and the way plays were portrayed — with some being drawn so in-depth that a single move would encapsulate an entire episode.

Now, Captain Tsubasa is entering the modern age as he continues to unite people all over the world through a passion for soccer. With their Captain Tsubasa NFTs, Double Jump. Tokyo is not only bringing together a community that is passionate about soccer and this particular anime, but they are giving back in a big way.

Soccer Balls With a Twist

The project is called "World Peace Through The Power of Soccer '' and is a collection of NFTs featuring Captain Tsubasa. These NFTs cater to the soccer fans scattered around the world as well as those who have an affinity for this popular anime. There is also a fabulous bonus that comes along with each NFT purchase. Everytime someone purchases a Captain Tsubasa NFT, a soccer ball featuring an original illustration by Captain Tsubasa creator Yoichi Takahashi will be donated to a child. The NFT purchaser also receives the specially designed soccer ball.

Specially Designed NFTs

The NFT collection is completely original and features various elements of the Captain Tsubasa anime — including well-known characters, special scenes, and extraordinary moves. The NFT is scheduled to be a Revel type, and utilize a new mechanism where the contents of the NFT are hidden until opened. Launching under the name "The Ball is Our Friend", a quote from the anime's main character, the NFTs are also incorporating a newly introduced technology called "Soulbound Tokens", allowing purchasers who convert their NFTs to SBTs access to special Captain Tsubasa merchandise. NFT users can also obtain rights to be part of the management of a real-life football club bearing the name "Nankatsu SC", just like the fictional club Captain Tsubasa plays for.

Celebrating the Power of Soccer to Bring People Together

Even through cultural differences and language barriers, soccer is an equalizer. As the world saw during the World Cup, people from different countries, who may have very little in common otherwise, banded together to support their favorite teams. The uniting power of soccer, along with the rabid fanbase of anime and the uptick in NFT interest, makes this project one that is sure to make a significant impact.

The NFTs will become available in March of 2023 with the soccer ball shipments 'kicking off' in May of 2023. The project will not end there, however, with a second project in the works for Summer of 2023 by double

NFT Solutions and Blockchain-based Gaming

Double is part of the Web3 revolution with their NFT offerings and games all built on the blockchain. The number of crypto wallets related to gaming has increased, according to VentureBeat and double has already made some significant connections in the industry, including a deal with gaming juggernaut SEGA and other well-known gaming companies such as Square Enix and Bandai Namco.

Founded in 2018, double is a leading startup in Japan and established itself through initial gaming offerings such as "Brave Frontier Heroes" and "My Crypto Heroes". They have also partnered with large-scale enterprises, helping them successfully incorporate blockchain technology into their games and overall company strategy.

The goal of the company is to facilitate a mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in global gaming and entertainment industries, all the while providing the necessary tools and technology to help companies build the metaverse.

Captain Tsubasa is so loved, especially in Japan, because it's popularization of association football. Not only is it one of the best-selling manga series, it has even inspired real-life players to pick up the game. Well-known soccer superstars such as Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres, Andres Iniesta, and Alessandro Del Piero have all professed to being inspired by the soccer-centric anime and its different iterations, from manga to television and movies.

The marriage of advanced technology, a well-loved pop culture hero, and giving back is making the "World Peace Through the Power of Soccer" project one to watch — and a trailblazing project that will hopefully inspire others beyond the soccer world.