Dor Eckstein Recommends 3 Strength Workout Programs to Lose Weight

Dor Eckstein

No matter your athletic ability, strength training is essential for your mobility, flexibility, and improved athletic performance. Many people think that they only need to focus on cardio if they want to lose weight. Dor Eckstein begs to differ.

According to Dor, cardio exercises are okay, but you also need to add a few strength exercises to your fitness regime to lose weight quickly. Dor is a famous fitness trainer from Wingate College in Israel. He was also a part of the ISA International Sports Nutrition Organization. Today, he shares three strength workout programs that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

1. Pushups, mountain climbers, and bodyweight squat

The bodyweight squat is the easiest. Pretend as if you are about to sit on a chair. Spread your legs and push your butt out. This puts your body weight pressure on your knees. Use your thighs and hips to push yourself up.

Proper pushups require practice. Start by putting your hands parallel to your shoulders. Now, push your body upwards with the help of your palms. If you are doing basic pushups, put your toes on the ground. Alternatively, you can increase the intensity by placing your feet on a block or step.

Mountain climbers are more challenging, but they build core muscles in your back, legs, and arms. You should mimic the posture of mountain climbersas if you are climbing steep peaks. Now, bring one foot forward so that it touches your hand. Then, get the other foot ahead.

2. Bodyweight split squat, single-leg hip raise, and plank

Plank is again the easiest in this set. You need to put your arms parallel to your shoulders and lift your body by pressing on your elbows. Performing this exercise strengthens your bank and tones your abs.

But this time, you have to put one foot forward. Pretend as if you are going down on your knee to propose to your partner.

For single-leg hip raise, you have to lie down on your back and fold your legs. Now, raise one leg straight by putting pressure on your back and the other knee.

3. Single-leg toe touches, leg raises, and burpee with push ups

Burpee with push ups keeps your heart pumping. This combination consists of squats, pushups, and jumping jacks. But you must do all these in one swift motion.

Single-leg toe touches require you to touch the toe of one of your legs while you raise the other leg backward. Try to touch the toe by keeping your knee straight. That should work your abdominal muscles correctly.

You can finish with leg raises. This involves lying down on your back and putting your hands on the ground. Now, push your lower back to increase both your legs. Don't bend your knee. Keep your legs straight.

Dor advises his clients to try these exercises at least three times every week. He also provides diet plans according to your body type tolose weight quickly while doing these exercises.