Doomsday update: David Meade bets Nibiru-triggered 'world end' will begin on October 15, followed by 7 years of natural calamities

After his September 23 doomsday theory went fatally wrong, conspiracy theorist David Meade now believes that Nibiru will destroy the world beginning from October 15

World End

After his predictions regarding world end fatally went wrong on September 23, 2017, Christian numerologist David Meade now bets that the possible doomsday will begin on October 07, 2017, and it will be followed by seven years of natural calamities in all nooks of the globe.

Meade says that it will be the invisible planet 'Nibiru' alias 'Planet X' which will trigger the seven-year tribulation period. The claims of Meade have gone viral again, as doomsday anticipators are now sharing his claims widely on social media platforms.

Earth facing an all-time extinction

Unknown planet 'Nibiru' has been the hottest talking topic among conspiracy theorists for years, even though NASA has called it nothing but an Internet hoax. David Meade believes that the deadly planet is now roaming in our solar system, and it will soon reach close to the Earth creating fluctuations in Earth's atmospheric stability.

Meade predicts earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters in the upcoming seven years, which will finally pull the planet into a state of chaos.

The self-proclaimed Christian numerologist opines that the recent hurricanes which hit the American continent and the deadly earthquake in Mexico are the possible signs of an inevitable devastation.

As per Meade, the seven year tribulation period will also witness a nuclear war between the US and North Korea, which may finally turn out to be World War III. The Great American Solar Eclipse is also considered a strong sign before the Judgement Day, he said.

Planet X alias Nibiru alias Wormwood

In September 2017, 'Nibiru' was one of the most searched Keywords in Google, and the reason was pretty simple -- Meade's prediction of Armageddon. The basic concept of Nibiru Cataclysm is characterized by Earth getting hit with a huge planetary object resulting in mass extinction.

Several conspiracy theorists have predicted dates of Nibiru Cataclysm for many years, and the most noted one being the predictions in 2012, where the world's end theory was backed by Mayan prophecies.

As his previous prediction didn't come to fruition, David Meade has recalculated things again and put forward a new date of mass destruction, October 15. Let us wait for one more week to know whether Meade's words will turn true.