"Don't Like Your Job? Changing Careers Is Easier Than Ever." - Chris Shupe, Founder Of The CareerHacker Data Analyst Mentorship Program

Chris Shupe

Dissatisfied with your job? Career coach Chris Shupe thinks you might like to consider a career as a data analyst. A lot of people are already making the switch.

Just this year Chris launched his CareerHacker Data Analyst Mentorship, a program designed to take folks from all backgrounds who are looking for a change and get them hired as data analysts. He says switching to a career as a data analyst is an attractive proposition because data analysts are in high demand in the job market, and they get paid enviable salaries. He himself started at $70,000 per year in his first data analyst role. More senior data analysts make well into the six figures. It's a fairly flexible job, with lots of work from home opportunities, and it's the perfect springboard for advancement into other, even higher-paying roles, such as data scientist and corporate management.

Sounds too good to be true? Chris says it's just a matter of basic market economics. Put yourself where the demand is high and supply is low, and high salaries, great benefits, and an abundance of job opportunities are to be expected.

Chris is a 33 year old data analyst and entrepreneur from Tampa, Florida. He founded the 'CareerHacker' movement to help people of all backgrounds to identify and create the career of their dreams--whatever that may be. He had the vision of a thriving community of people just like him, people who had the desire and drive to create careers and businesses that support the life they truly want to live - instead of the life that's handed to them. He says what he ultimately wants for every CareerHacker is to get them into the job, or their own business or whatever career position makes them happiest and serves their unique God-given purpose.

Chris started his own career the same way as many jaded millennials: with a 4-year college degree that was supposed to guarantee him a "good job".

But for Chris, like many others of his generation, the promised "good job" never arrived. He spent the next 12 months after graduation slinging applications to every full-time office job he could find, no matter how miserable or low-paying, while working part time as a waiter's assistant ("Not even a full waiter!" he says, shaking his head).

Eventually, he came to the realization that what employers care about is not a piece of paper that shows that you sat at a desk for four years, but rather the skills to actually do the job. After a while, Chris started learning how to work with spreadsheets and databases and used his new self-taught abilities to land his first job as a proper data analyst, making $70,000 per year, just 11 months later. Becoming a data analyst had just about doubled his salary within less than a year.

Chris worked for several companies as a data analyst, and eventually had the idea of leading others to the same career path that he had found for himself, using his experience to help his students avoid the mistakes and delays he faced along the way. And so he created his flagship program, originally called 'Data Analyst in 8 Weeks', which he later developed into the 'CareerHacker Data Analyst Mentorship' program.

When asked his vision for the program, and his broader movement, Chris replied "To create the world's greatest community of people who define and create their own dream careers, instead of accepting whatever society happens to hand to them."

Chris has a free 'CareerHackers' Facebook Group open to anyone who shares his vision and would like a supportive community to help them find their perfect job or business. He also shares a lot of free training on his personal Youtube channel (called simply: "Chris Shupe"). While it remains to be clearly seen what becomes of the CareerHacker movement, Chris is clearly motivated, his movement is growing, and he's excited for the future. I wouldn't bet against him.