Don't forget to take these 4 precautions before Thanksgiving meal to avoid heart attack

Eating random food isn't always good for health as it affects your belly and you might sit in the toilet for hours.

People eat at Lau Pa Sat food centre in Singapore July 29, 2016

Thanksgiving is a popular festival celebrated generally celebrated by Christians in several countries including Canada, US, UK, The Netherlands, Philippines and Japan. Family and friends come together and celebrate the evening preparing food and decorating the house. Generally, a grand feast is prepared including turkey roast, salads, yams, pies and tarts. Though it's fun to indulge in these mouth-watering dishes occasionally, it often leads to obesity, diabetes, difficulty sleeping and even heart attack.

IBTimes SG has compiled these precautionary measures everyone should take before sitting doing for the gala night.


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U.S. troops pray before eating during a Thanksgiving meal at a NATO base in Kabul, November 28, 2013. Reuters

If we look from the nutritional point of view, food and beverages are a key weapon to combat several kinds of diseases. However, eating random food isn't always good for health as it affects your belly and you might sit in the toilet for hours.

Overeating creates back up of food. Especially protein, which is present in abundance in turkey, and fatty foods take long hours to get digested. Because of this problem, special organ like the brain cannot get enough blood, making the person prone to brain-related problems.

It is always recommended not eat more and take a right quantity of food on right time in a right measure. Whilst doing so, none of above health issues may prevail at any cost.


Heart disease
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When you eat more meat and other animal products, your digestive system requires more energy and blood to digest them. As your digestive system begs for more blood, your heart has to do vigorous work to meet the demand.

If possible, eat more of vegetables and those foods which get easy digested. You can also include fruits and other nutritious beverages.


Sleeping naked
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Gorging on fatty food may disrupt your sleeping cycle. After eating fat-rich foods, you might feel sleepy but won't be able to sleep as your stomach still needs sufficient energy to digest the food. You can twist and turn on your bed but a sound sleep will be far far away.


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Almost every item during the Thanksgiving feast is filled with carbohydrates. Since carbohydrate gets converted into sugar in blood during digestion, sugar level is prone to shoot up. This can lead to diabetes, obesity and food coma.

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