Donkey population could be wiped out in the future; what is causing this massacre?

The widespread killing of donkeys will compel human beings to shoulder the burden themselves in the future

A new study report released by the International Donkey Sanctuary has suggested that more than half of the donkey population will be wiped out from the planet within the next five years due to mass massacres. This widespread massacre of donkeys is happening due to the increasing demand for traditional Chinese medicine.

Demand for Chinese medicine resulting in donkey deaths

When soaked and stewed, the skin of donkeys can be boiled down into a gel-like material called ejiao, and it is one of the most necessary ingredients to prepare this Chinese medicine.

According to the Donkey Sanctuary, the demand for ejiao has been rising over the past few years, and this has resulted in mass donkey massacres. It should be noted that the industry requires at least 4.8 million donkey skins per year, and this rising demand has reduced China's own donkey herd by 76 percent since 1992.


Even though it is quite hard to get the exact number of these practices, the annual production of ejiao has increased from 3,200 to 5,600 tonnes from 2013 to 2016. A little more than a third of these donkey skins are produced in China, and the remaining are being brought to China from other developing nations.

"These dependable, hard-working, sentient animals experience appalling suffering as a result of the activities of skin traders across the world. They are often transported long distances, without food, water or rest and they can be held for days in yards without shelter, before being slaughtered in often brutal conditions," said Mike Baker, CEO of the Donkey Sanctuary in a recent statement.

How donkey massacres will affect the planet?

Experts believe that the widespread massacre of donkeys will compel people to shoulder the burden themselves, and it is expected to create negative impacts on the life of women.

"Working donkeys in Africa are instrumental in lessening the burdens placed on women, enabling them more time to care for their children and families. Women who must carry firewood and water on their backs or heads are often forced to leave their young children at home, or to struggle to carry both," explains international Donkey Sanctuary.