Donald Trump's Space Force Being Watched by Aliens? UFOs 'Filmed' Flying over its Base in Colorado

Space Force, the intergalactic unit which was set up by the former President of the United States Donald Trump, seems to face threats from UFOs as alien hunter Jason Suraci released video footage showing mysterious flying objects hovering above its base in Colorado.

UFO expert Jason Suraci's newly released video footages show strange orbits moving above Space Force's headquarters over Buckley Space Force base in Aurora, and began speculating that aliens are watching every move of the newly formed branch.


Instagram handle UFO's Worldwide was the first to share Suraci's videos and the footage shows strange objects flying above Space Force's base and also appears to change in shape.

The bright object looks like a fireball with a stick and is seen flying both up and down and also remains stable in the air.

Conspiracy theories are rife that aliens are watching the Space Force from above and collecting information to send it to outer space and counter the newly formed branch's day-to-day operations.

However, many others dropped comments saying the object might not be a UFO but could be a massive balloon and is a operation conducted by Space Force officials. ''That and Jason has been at it for so long. I think he would recognize a balloon,'' read a comment under the video.

What Is Space Force?

In December 2019, Former President Donald Trump added the new Space Force as a wing of the US Air Force.

However, Space Force is not intended to put troops into space but is created to protect U.S assets up in orbit that includes thousands of its satellites used for surveillance, communication and military purposes from being attacked by other countries.

UFO Enthusiasts Believe Space Force Tracks Aliens

UFO groups speculate that the Space Force is actually tracking down aliens and UFO's in orbit in secrecy. Many others believe that the branch is equipped to protect U.S interests up in space but will eventually take over the responsibility for tracking and investigating UFOs over time.

Conspiracy theorists also claim that Donald Trump knew about alien existence through Israeli space security chief Haim Eshed who said that humans had been in contact with ''galactic federation'' and Trump was on the brink of revealing that aliens exist but was asked to withhold the information in order to prevent mass hysteria.