Donald Trump's Shocking insult to the Queen revisited


Donald Trump is an outspoken President to say the least, and some have wondered how and what he may say o do that may make his visit to the UK memorable or rather controversial.

Apparently, newly-resurfaced reports reveal how he was accused of delivering a "mortal insult" to the Queen last year. Reportedly The US President and his wife, Melania Trump were in the UK for a three-day official state visit. The trip reportedly included a series of engagements, including a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May and an invitation to Buckingham Palace from Her Majesty the Queen.

This is the US President's second visit to the UK a working trip last summer that saw him push the boundaries of royal protocol on more than one occasion. In particular, according to a royal historian, there is one thing he did in front of the monarch that was equivalent to a "mortal insult." Donald Trump, the President of the United States reportedly turned his back on the Queen and then walked in front of her while inspecting the guard at Windsor Castle – actions that are all considered to be major faux pas when it comes to royal etiquette.

Historian Ian Beck apparently wrote on Twitter: "Trump has also turned his back on the Queen.

"I have always believed this to be a mortal insult to a monarch."

Moreover, the US President also breached protocol by revealing what the Queen told him about Brexit during an interview with Good Morning Britain.

Donald Trump is not known for his social graces, but as President one would expect him to follow a modicum of civility. Meghan Markle avoided meeting President Trump as she is still apparently on maternity leave. It is no secret that Meghan Markle is not a big an of Donald Trump and the fact that the Duchess avoided meeting the President of her own country may be a strong indication that her feelings towards Donal Trump haven't changed. But it looks like Donald Trump isn't letting the feelings of a few Royals get him down.

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