Donald Trump Widens Lead Over DeSantis in GoP 2024 Nomination Race

The Former President and Republican front-runner for 2024 nomination, Donald Trump, has got the backing of a greater number of GoP voters after his federal indictment, according to the latest polls.

Former Vice President Mike Pence was placed third with only about 7 percent support among the possible Republican voters.

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However, the poll also showed that nearly 50 percent of the Republican voters were unsure whether the former president remained the best GoP candidate for the 2024 presidential election given the two indictments he was handed recently.

Trump has rallied his followers around the theme of the alleged Democratic witch-hunt, citing his indictments at the state and federal levels as base political vendetta. "Every time the radical-left Democrats, Marxists, communists and fascists indict me, I consider it a great badge of courage ... I'm being indicted for you, and I believe the 'you' is more than 200 million people that love our country," Trump said at a rally on the weekend.

Latest Polls

The latest polls also showed that Trump's popularity among the Republican voters rose following the second indictment in early June, when federal charges were slapped on him over the confidential documents kept at his Mar-a-Lago home.

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Following the indictment in New York in April over alleged hush money payments, polls showed that Trump held on to the support of 46 percent of the Republican supporters, while DeSantis secured the support of 31 percent. However, after Trump was indicted over 37 federal charges relating to his handling of the classified documents, the polls showed he widened his lead over DeSantis by 30 points.

Trump Vs biden

Meanwhile, an opinion poll by Harvard CAPS showed that Trump leads President Joe Biden by a margin of 45 percent against 39 percent if they were to face off against each other in the 2024 presidential race.

With the latest indictment, Trump now faces seven criminal counts including violations of the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice and conspiracy. His legal team will try to push the trial for as long as they can, but the chances are that it will indeed take place before the 2024 US presidential elections conclude in November 2024.

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