Donald Trump Rips Into Alec Baldwin at Pennsylvania Rally, Asks if 'Psycho' Actor Didn't Really Pull the Trigger

The ongoing war of words between the former US President Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin got murkier with the former publicly questioning whether the Hollywood actor pulled the trigger of the gun that killed the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during a film shoot last year.

Trump even called Baldwin a "psycho" and a "sick puppy". He made the above comments while addressing "Save America" rally in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, on Friday.

Taking a further dig at the actor, Trump also stated that he had been told that Baldwin's replacement in SNL is much better which has created a buzz on various social media platforms.

Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump

SNL Show, the Bone of Contention

Trump's comments have caused a buzz on social media. The supporters of Trump and Baldwin have come forward with comments defending their respective heroes.

A segment of social media followers has questioned the law enforcement agency about the delay in investigation of shooting incident stating that a strict action must be taken against the actor if he is guilty of killing the cinematographer.

At the same time, Baldwin's supporters have criticized Trump accusing him of taking revenge from the actor for having impersonated him on SNL show.

Trump and Baldwin have been at loggerheads since 2018 following the actor's role of impersonating the President on the television show "Saturday Night Live."

Reportedly, Baldwin's comments that playing the role of the President was an "agony" for him had triggered the row, according to a report published by The Gazette. In retaliation, Trump had taken to Twitter stating that Alec Baldwin's dying mediocre career was saved by playing the role of the President.

Baldwin, while shooting for a film, held a prop gun near cinematographer Halyna Hutchins which set off killing her and injuring the director, Joel Souza. The case is under investigation. The report further stated that Trump publicly pointed out whether or not the actor pulled the trigger of the gun that resulted in the death of the cinematographer.

"Trump talking about SNL & Alec Baldwin. Very interesting timing, & wording! Trump calls Alec a "Psycho" Baldwin will be in handcuffs soon stemming from the Rust shooting!" wrote a twitter user.

Another user stated, "Remember - he's an ACTOR & has been acting since 1980. That's 42 years of EXPERIENCE! If this was President Trump, he'd already be in PRISON! Stop CONDONING Liberals BAD behavior."

"He really is the most disgusting person I have seen in politics. Alec Baldwin may need addtl security after Trump's comments. Be sure to send the bill to Trump," read a tweet.